I had an idea…

A simple idea…

It filled me with bliss and joy when I thought about bringing the idea to the world…

The idea was/ is ‘THE PATH OF PEACE’

I knew it was what the community needed to shift…

And then I started to overthink…

“Did anyone really want me to deliver another idea?”

“Was I just being greedy?”

“Was it really the Divine who delivered the idea to me?”

“Am I just making it all up so that I can make money off people?”

“I sent out that ‘Please Leave’ email and I have a few disgruntled people leaving and they might be insulting me but hey, I am not going to look at any of their undesired feedback emails (I did tell them not to send any but hey ho, peeps will not be told), who needs that yukky victim energy… but maybe I should delay releasing anything new, the 99.4% of people that remained might think I am greedy or some other such thing”

The day carried on…

I had things to do like a mummy-daughter-date, home education things, personal development and other practical daily tasks…

“I will do it… soon…  but … are you sure, Rosemary… Do you really want to put it out there, Rosemary?”

And though I had intended to get the idea all set up and out into the world, I had not done it by 10pm and I was tired…

My hubby went up to bed

“Surely, I should be a great wife and just go to bed and be with the hubby – I have left it so late now… The idea can wait a little more”

I personally wanted to be in bed

“I feel tired, surely I need to rest.  The idea can wait a little more”

However, I had an idea that felt blissful in this moment…

It fit in with the big desire – PROJECT 334k

It had bubbled up in me in the way that all my ideas do when the Divine delivers an idea…

In fact, I had asked for the next thing and it had been delivered as always

And the thing is, ideas lose their potency and energy, the longer I leave it undone…

So, the only real question for me to answer was

“Am I all in?”

However, I had created all these other questions, all these other reasons, all these other potential responses to whether I would simply follow my bliss and live to my true design…

Finally, I got done with my own nonsense and simply did what I do and pulled it all together and told the community about it by 11ish pm…

I felt so proud of myself…

I felt blissful about it

And my ability to do what I said I would do…

I had followed my bliss and kept the desire pure…

But then there were thoughts of guilt seeking my attention…

I watched them…

“Hubby is asleep, you should have come up earlier and been a good wife by being with him”

“You sent that email so late for the English, why did you have to do that?”

“Was it all just so you can make a few bucks?”

I watched myself trying to make myself wrong…

Questioning my motivation

Muddying the water of my clear desire

I felt the whisper of Papa within, this morning

“You catch a glimpse of the non-allowance you have to go all in.

You judge yourself based on the concerns of the world.

You hold back in worry of what the world will think of you.

Yesterday night felt good

You conquered

You went all in

You knew what you desired and you went to get it and then you worried about what the hubby will think and what other email peeps would think and you made yourself wrong and allowed that to reduce your bliss

Do you see?”

I ask you as well


I have given you a snapshot of my mind and I could have carried on

I would love to tell you that I am always clear and always 100% in, but nope…

You may watch some of what I do and be inspired by how I keep showing up and you may think yourself different from me because you have all these fears and doubts and guilts and uncertainties…

Well, so do I and there were more than I even mentioned but I must admit that felt vulnerable enough for me ?  I had intended to just write a post that taught how to keep things pure but then felt led to be real about my own crazy mind…

So, tell me…

Will you choose to keep your desire pure and go all in on your life?

Will you be aware of the thoughts that sully your mind and keep you from simply showing up?

Will you just choose to trust yourself and follow your bliss?

Yes the thoughts are there but do you have to respond to them?

They are not your identity

They are just random thoughts

they do not have to be the boss of you

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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