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There are times when it feels just plain tough to keep going when really all you want to do is quit. It feels like you spend such a lot of time trying to make your business work, trying to make your life work and yet, you are still nowhere near where you want to be and frankly, why bother?

You might feel that the mistakes you made in the past are too much to overcome and that for now and forever, you are trapped in a life you do not like anymore. The dreams of a successful business seem too big and impossible because you have made too many mistakes. However…

Despite the cloud of despair that threatens to overshadow, hear the simple words of this ditty

“One Step then another, One step then another, That’s All – Keep Moving Forward”

There is sometimes pain in the journey, actually there is almost ALWAYS pain in the journey to a bigger, more fulfilling life and more successful business – Why do you think most people settle for less?

You?! You are a leader and that is why you keep pressing forward. You keep putting one foot in front of the other and you refuse to quit. The tears may roll down your face at times and you may feel completely alone but you just keep pushing, you just keep going.

Your eyes stay firmly fixed on the finish line and you keep working the process because YOU ARE ALMOST THERE!


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