Sometimes, I have to remind myself that (35)Today, I am on my way to Bali and pretty darned excited about it!

Woohoo! I had promised myself to travel more this year and so far, the USA, The Bahamas and now Bali.

Love, love, loving it!

So, while I remember, yesterday, I mentioned that I had spent a very inspiring time with two friends…

Something else came out of that conversation and I have to be pretty honest here.

In my past pretty boring, business-dabbling, professional-selling-her-soul life, I judged them and found them wanting.

They did not do what I wanted them to do. They did not give me the platform I wanted them to give me and I was upset about it. No, I was ANGRY ABOUT IT!

I have listened to other people judge them as well – usually about what they earn, how much holiday they take, whether they preach on tithing or not, what car they drive and whether they went out of their way to support others or not.

Thankfully, the last time I personally judged them was years ago but still, I cringe to think of it!

Why did I do this?

It was mostly because I wanted to avoid the hard work that goes into building one’s own platform/business. I thought it was my right to expect them to help me. How silly of me!

I was jealous of what they had spent years building. I did not see the blood, sweat and tears that was shed in the creation. I just saw the end result and thought I had a right to a piece of it. They were Christian, right? They are supposed to give it to me because I demand it!

Stupid, right?

And yet, I hear people still doing that!

They look at people who have worked their behinds off…

They look at people who have dared to step up time and time again…

They look at people who NOW have the spotlight…

And think they have a right to a piece of it.

So what that THEY have been too scared to DO THE WORK!

So what that THEY are still too scared to stand on their own feet!

So what that THEY keep waiting and waiting for some kind of sign from the heavens when they KNOW what they are called to – People keep telling them and still they wait…

And they judge and get bitter and go looking for someone else to leech off.

Well, I am done with that!

No one can write my story for me…

No one can create my platform for me…

If I am unwilling to step up and get to work then I have no right to judge someone else who did. I just need to be content with my regrets forever.

But I am not content with regret!

So, I choose now to look at people who have created something awesome and I bless them and step up daily to do the same in my life, whilst being me.

Are you ready to step up as well?

Or are you still looking for someone to blame for your lack of action?

Your choice!

I did that for a long time and all it did was waste my time.

If you want it – the dream life, the lifestyle business, the platform…

You have to actually create it.


And yet not.

Wanna make it that simple and ready to do the work, then come join the Deliberate Millionaire and let’s make something happen. Find out more here – RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/deliberatemillionaire

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