Jesus – The Greatest Business Man On The Planet?!!

Jesus - The Greatest Business Man On The

Today, while listening to a book on marketing, the dude mentioned that there was a book out there called – The man nobody knows – or something like that written in 1925.


The thing that got my attention was the fact that it portrayed Jesus as a businessman. Now, this is not completely shocking to me because the more I study business and what works, I see how He embodied that all those years ago.


The thing is, a lot of people would consider that some kind of an abomination. Jesus?! – A BUSINESS MAN! No way, they would say and yet, look at what he did.


Just my opinion, of course, I have not even read the book yet though it is waiting on my kindle at the moment.


So… Jesus as a business man…


Surely you can see it…


He had a HUGE message and using just 12 employees, his message reached THE WHOLE WORLD!!!


  • He trained his employees for 3 years (Hint, do not expect greatness from your team without some training from you!)
  • He sent them out to do the work  (He did not micro-manage all the time – He had a system)
  • He introduced the concept of servant leadership when his employees were all about ‘How can I be the greatest?’ – It is a principle that still applies today (the more you serve, the more you make)
  •  He told a whole lot of stories – He used them to draw people into his world.
  • There was a parable of a sower – It is marketing – the sower spreads the message, some take it, some leave it. As business owner, yours is just to spread the message of what you have to offer and some will take it, some will leave it. No point getting too attached to one response or the other. You just know that of those who take it, they have the potential to improve their life many times over so of course, you must keep sowing your message, right?
  • There was a story of talents – You have to use it or lose it!
  • There was a story of a self-interested servant who seemed to get applause for his efforts in what most ‘holy’ people would consider an underhanded way.
  • He mixed with and cared for people of all classes and told them what he thought without currying favour or dampening his message ( Who you know is pretty important! Who you allow yourself to BE is even more important!)
  • He was always selling the Kingdom whoever he was with – He did not let his insecurities determine who his client was going to be.
  • He took time out to recuperate & meditate every day (he got the work-life balance right)
  • He created fresh, new content all the time (you know how important that is when building business in the information age!)
  • He had presence – even the elements obeyed him. He knew what he was here to do and he got on with it. (no dithering about waiting for a voice from heaven; the voice from heaven came while he was about his business, not while waiting!)
  • He stood firm despite obvious difficulties – again he knew what he was there to do and nothing was going to get in his way, not even his own fears! (Every successful business person knows that there are severe tests on the way to success)
  • Ultimately, his business grew and grew while he was here and it still grows now!


In the end, it was the so-called holy of the world who killed him because he was shining a light on their need to control the people with their lies. (Even today, there are those who would keep people down, claiming to love them when really, it is all about control!)


Jesus was no meek, mild lamb – No, He took the world by storm and still to this day, impacts the lives of many! Talk about a legacy business!


OK, off to read the book now…


Maybe, it will be complete blasphemy, who knows?


I know that what I have written above is incomplete but it got you thinking or angry or something, maybe and that is what I want…


I want you to think! I want you to dare to question some of your long held beliefs about creating wealth…


And consider this: What if Jesus was the greatest business man that ever lived?

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