I used to call my livestreams – The #ChurchofRNK

My pastor did not like it.

It was one of the many things he wanted to have a talk to me about, as I got bolder and bolder about who I truly was.

I decided I could not be bothered with someone telling me what I could or could not do in my own business anymore. (though not before, I rather wimpily decided not to call my livestreams the #ChurchofRNK because I did not want to offend all those lovely but rather judgmental christians that i used to surround myself with.)

I used to be so concerned about what my fellow christian peeps thought about me

Seeing that I used to be pretty judgmental myself (and can still be at times, except now I know better than to pretend that I have some kind of mandate from God to judge others), I knew that if I truly showed all parts of me at church, I would not be accepted.

And so I hid who I was.

I knew the right words to say.

I knew the right way to pray.

I was careful about which parts of me showed.

And then I got fed up with having to pretend.

It was not bringing me any closer to the Divine.

It was not bringing me any closer to true prosperity

So what the heck was the point?

I truly disliked the drama and nonsense of church

But I loved God

And still do.

I know the Divine to be the very foundation of everything I do

I even know now that I have dropped the religious dogma stuff, how prayer really works and what is happening in the unseen realm so it is not all some ‘hope that something sticks’ realm anymore.

By dropping the drama and nonsense, I opened up to so much more good stuff.

Stuff I feel compelled to share with other driven and determined spirit-driven souls who are done with putting on a performance for anyone.


It is the incubator for driven spiritual people who know they are meant for more but feel limited by self-doubt and low-self-esteem.

My dream is that it be like Church without the nonsense.

A place to be seen

A place to go deeper with the Divine

A place to experience even more prosperity – It all goes hand in hand, my love.

A place to leave behind the pain and limiting beliefs of the past

A place to be immersed in empowering wisdom that allows you to regain your confidence and rise victorious in your TRUE DESIGN

A place where you are accepted for who you are.

Yes, it is online but so what?!

We live in a global village, my love.

Are you not done with all the drama and nonsense of the environments you find yourself immersed in?

Come do life with me in the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRES

Come back home to your true self so that you can show up in the world as the leader you KNOW you are created to be.

It is time to claim the relationships, work, money, health and energy you desire

It is time to live life in its fullness

It is time to stop allowing the past define your future

It is time to stop carrying your wounds around with you like a badge of honour


It will take a little time to remove the layers

And that is why the incubator exists

to give you the time you need in a different environment from the one you are currently trapped in.

AWAKEN, dear one

You are meant for so much more

Allow yourself to claim it

Come now and do life with me in THE DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRES

It is time for you to thrive and prosper

GEt all the details and join in from $9.97 / £7.50 at https://mibusiness.lpages.co/deliberatemillionaire

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