The vision you really want to live into, will not seem practical or reasonable or sensible

The vision you deeply desire to bring to life, when set against the life you are currently living, will not seem logical…

Your brain will try to tell you to stop dreaming

To settle down and stop being weird

Your awesome, powerful brain will seek to love you by keeping you stagnant and trapped

And all the while, Spirit within asks…

“Are you willing?”

There is a freedom life that you catch a glimpse of every so often

It builds up an excitement within you

You feel your heart swell with longing and love for this free life

Where you have let go of old attachments to old ideas, beliefs, dogma that tie you up

Where you no longer think there is only one way to parent responsibly

Where you no longer allow the ways of the world to define YOUR way of doing things

It is a free life

A fulfilled life

An abundant life as you realise that when you are truly in connection to Source, you lack for nothing

You catch glimpses of that life

THAT AMAZING free life

And you crave it

You deeply desire it as you sense it in your inner world but then you open your eyes and you look at the life you have created with all its attachments and heaviness and stagnancy and you forget again that if you created this, you can create something different.

And you can, my love

The only question you keep being asked is…


That question is infecting my mind at the moment

I keep hearing it in my own spirit as I am called to deeper authenticity and transparency

I keep saying ‘yes’ though at times, it feels like fire within me to let go of things that have bound me up for so long

Things that would seem so normal to the everyday people in my world

They would not get why I am doing the things that I am doing

But I cannot let their opinions or should I say, my thoughts about their opinions, sway me

I SAY YES to taking the next step towards my biggest visions and dreams

I say YES to only knowing the next step to take

I say YES to living in trust

I say YES

Do you, my love?

Do you say YES to getting on the DELIBERATE LIFE path where you deliberately design life to your liking?

It almost seems crazy to consider that most people say NO to their own dreams and desires…

And yet, most people do.

Will you set yourself apart from MOST people?

And dare to get on the narrow path until you reach the truest desires of your heart?

Supposing you find it to be a lot easier than you thought?

No, your vision may not seem reasonable or practical or sensible

But it is possible

The free, fulfilled, abundant life, as defined by you, is possible…


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Much Amazing Love

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