Someone sent me an email saying “I wish I had a wife like you”.

And I just smiled and thought ‘NO. YOU. DON’T’.

It takes a special kind of person to love me.

I am difficult to live with.

I am difficult to understand.

I am demanding.



And learning to be completely unapologetic about it.

My hubby is a special dude.

The Divine picked him specially for me.

I love him completely.

And I even really LIKE him too – He is my closest friend, after the Divine.

And STILL, there have been times when I wondered if we would make it this far.

He has had to go through so much with me.

All the time it took for me to find myself.

The changes he had to put up with.

The fact that I have said to him bluntly ‘If you ask me to choose between you and my vision, the vision will ALWAYS win’.

No, honey, you do not want a wife like me, IF YOU ARE NOT LIKE ME YOURSELF.

I remember my family wishing I would marry someone more like them.

Someone who would do what was expected.

They had not completely been able to get me to do what was expected but if they got me tied to a nice Nigerian dude then maybe, I would fall in line or at least, he would.

And every one would live happily ever after, right?

Except no.

I would have been muzzled.

I even had an auntie telling me that if I had married someone like they wanted, then I would have been beaten into shape.

Again, I smiled thinking – “YEAH RIGHT, like I Would have been sitting there while he dared to do that to me.”

No, honey, it takes a special someone to love someone like us.

And you, my darling.

You keep trying to be loved by someone SO UNLIKE YOU.

You keep wondering why nothing seems to work all that well in the love department.

You keep thinking there is something wrong with you.

You keep trying to be whatever they want you to be.

You keep trying to be understood.


As though you have anything to apologize for!

Honey, you need to get to KNOW yourself and LOVE yourself, rather than continually trying to appease them and get them to love you.

It never works anyway, does it?

Even if you do get into a relationship with them, you feel muzzled and stifled, and you keep pretending to be happy with it.


When will you SEE YOURSELF for who you really are?

When will you BE PROUD OF YOU?

When will you get DELIBERATE about your life and own your royalty?

When will you REALLY KNOW that the Divine is your Source?

I know it all seems so far-fetched but I am not telling you anything you do not know.

You have always felt different.

You have always felt called to something more.

When will you truly COMMIT to all that you are?

I invite you back to yourself.

It is the only path to happy, my love.

Start your 30 day immersion in the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY now.

Not as some sort of quick fix but more as a deliberate decision to become ALL THAT YOU ARE.

No longer will you continue to immerse yourself in ideas that belittle you and make you feel weak.

NOW you start to embrace all you are.


You must first EMBRACE you.

And start to cut off all unhelpful ties to anything and anyone that cannot see you as you truly are.


And rise victorious in your true design.

Go now to and begin your transition, my love.

No longer can you live the wrong life for you.

Much Amazing Love

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