It is time to remember!

IIt is time to rememberIt is time to remember…

To bring back to the front of your mind everything you are created to be.

Let me start you off…

You are created powerful.

You are created abundant.

You are created free.

Free to experience all that life has to offer.

So why do you persist in pretending life is happening to you?

You are happening to life!  You are choosing each moment of your life experience and the quicker you get pretty darned clear about what you want, the quicker you will actually get it.

How does it benefit you to see yourself as weak and flimsy and incapable of choosing your own path?  You are so capable and you know it, really.  You have already accomplished so much and yet, you keep giving in to these weird thoughts.

Weird thoughts of being trapped and having to settle for less than your best.

Why do you do that?

Why do I do that?

Why do I persist in allowing myself to believe lies about what I can or cannot do?  Why, oh WHY?!

It is such a waste of time!  And I suppose I could be angry with myself but who does that benefit?

The key here is to remember.

To remember who you are and all you are created to accomplish and the choice is yours.  No one else can decide for you what to do, who to be, what to have.  You get to choose it all and if you choose to settle for considerably less than you are capable of… then pity for you.  That becomes all you get.

Is it enough?

Is it enough to only do what is expected of you instead of stepping out and doing exactly what you dream of?  Is it enough to use your ‘responsibilities’ as an excuse not to be all you can be? Is it enough to let fear determine what you make of your life?  Call it what you will but if you have a dream that you are not fulfilling then you are giving into fear and you kinda know it deep down beneath all the pretense about being happy enough right here and now.

Happy enough?!

What kind of response is that?

Happy enough compared to what?

Comparing yourself to other unhappy people and thinking you are slightly better off than they are is no measure of happiness!  It is no measure of wealth and it is certainly no measure of freedom!

You are the only standard you can live by and so I ask you, is this it?


Is this all you want out of your life?

Or are you willing yet to boldly claim what you want to be, do and have?

Why hold back?

Nothing is stopping you, is it?  Yes, yes, yes, I can hear you think of all the things you think are stopping you but again, I must remind you that the only reason that anything can stop you is because you let it!

Are you really going to keep letting this happen?  In fact , the more I type this, the more annoyed I get.

How can you let your talents go to waste like this?  I mean, seriously?  When will you take yourself and your dreams seriously?  Why do you think it a bad thing to do what makes you happy and create wealth from that?  Yes, it may be challenging but isn’t life challenging already?!

So why not focus on overcoming the challenges that get you to where you want to be?

Birth that idea, that dream, that vision.

It could help someone, It WILL HELP YOU!

It will make your life feel exhilarating as you do the thing you are called deep inside to do.  You know how it feels to have fun doing what you are created to do.  Every part of you feels in flow and it is amazing.

And yet you wake up each day and go about your mundane, boring business and tell me some nonsense about not being able to do what you dream of doing.

Well, fine, don’t do it then.

Waste all your talents and gifts and go to the grave dissatisfied and wondering why you did not just give it a go.


I talk to you, I talk to me.

It is time to step up, It is time to fight for, to create the life, the business we are designed uniquely to want.

It is time.

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