You know it has been building up for a little while now…

You have been thinking, dreaming of a whole different experience of life…

You are fed up of waking up and doing the same old things that you have been doing for the longest time and you want change!

And you want it now!

But you are somewhat scared, worried, uncertain that it is possible and yet, there is a nagging feeling that you must try.

Where do you begin?

1. Decide what you want…Today

Seems simple, right?  But sometimes it is the hardest thing to know…

Usually and for most people, there is just a vague idea of things that they want to do…

But it does not feel concrete or certain or anything and so they stay doing what feels more certain even if it is unsatisfying…

That does not have to be your lot.  You can start right here, where you are, to discover what you want and it will be a discovery that takes place over time – That is absolutely fine.

And you can start by deciding what you no longer want.

It is always easier to get clear on that.

For me, I no longer wanted a job…

I no longer wanted someone to tell me when to be where…

I no longer wanted to be away from my daughters as they grew up…

I no longer wanted to be a pharmacist at all – It felt horrid to daily hand out drugs that did not really fix anything…

Your turn… Make a list – What do I no longer want in my life and understand that some of the stuff you do not want may change appearance once you change the fact that you felt you HAD to do it.

When you feel able to choose your life, you might find that some activities become fun again so be wary of having any DEFINITE ‘no’s.

For example, I did not want to learn any more but that was because I was learning and doing postgraduate diplomas in things that did not rock my boat, like clinical pharmacy…

I did not want to write anything anymore – Again, because I had felt forced to tone down my more conversational style to sound a lot more professional and I hated that…

Once I allowed myself to do what I wanted, I realised I LOVED learning and sharing what I was learning and I LOVED writing and always have. These are counted among my strengths now.

So, for you, just make a list of things you do not think you want any longer based on your experience to date.

And then make a list of what you do want, with the knowledge you have today!

I wanted a business that allowed me to make money while having fun using my strengths…

I wanted flexibility and freedom to see more of the world with my princesses and hubby…

I wanted to make lots of money and impact a lot of people and build a business that did both…

I wanted to sing and speak and write and use those strengths to change lives…

I did not know all of this at the start – it became clear as I continued through the following points so don’t stay stuck.  Just decide what you want TODAY!

Things may change…  Overall the chances are that you want more money, to be happy and to change lives in some way that feels significant to you, right?  and so…

2. Be Flexible – How you get there does not matter

I know, I know…

This is not the way this should read, right?!

You need a solid plan, an ‘A to B’ solid plan but really, how is that working for you, right now?

You have a solid plan – you got educated and then you got a professional job and then you were supposed to make enough money and be happy, right?  With a few hobbies on the side, maybe!

How is that plan working?  For me, it felt like death inside!

I hated that plan!  And on the face of it, it worked.  I was a pharmacist earning good money, so in theory, I should have been happy with that.  And I even got to help people and sing a few songs at church so I was using my hobbies as well.

And yet, I felt empty and dissatisfied.

I knew that the majority of my life had to be spent doing things I liked to do, like writing, speaking (talking) and singing.  It took some time, but I finally allowed myself to experiment with using those strengths and I cannot tell you how surprised I was to realise that I could make money doing that stuff if I chose to.

Same with you…

Instead of waiting for absolute, perfect clarity as to exactly what you need to do to create wealth using your strengths, consider asking yourself what you want to do…  and then simply doing it.

But do it with the intention of putting it out into the world to be enjoyed by other people, not just you!

No point hiding your light under a bushel.

3. Get Good At Your Strengths

The chances are that you have not actually spent that much time honing your skills in those strengths that you would like to now start using to design a life and a business you enjoy.  It is time to focus on that.

Get good at what you want to do.  Pay it attention.

You will possibly have some natural talent at what you want to do so just enhance that so that you grow in confidence as you learn that what you have to offer the world is great.

4. Take action

Clarity comes as you take action.

YOU cannot sit on the sidelines of YOUR OWN LIFE and wait for your ship to come in.  You have to get into the fray, even when it feels uncertain and tough…

Even when your current experience of life seems so much more certain and it feels foolhardy to spend your time pursuing dreams…

Even then, you have to deliberately take action to get what you really want.

You can start exactly where you are, there is no need to drop everything but create room for the new things you will be doing to move your life more in the direction of what you want.

One thing you know for certain is that nothing changes until you change something!

So, here is a simple plan for using just 90 minutes each day to promote your new ideas, your new products, your new services, your business opportunity, it will help you get started and then you can refine it as you go – Download it at

You can have a life and a business that makes you come alive and abundance is your birthright.

It is time to fight for, to create the life and the business you want.

PS – Would you like me to come speak for your group? or on your podcast? Or maybe you want to work with me to get clear on what you want out of your life and business and get into action creating it?  Then send me a private message on Facebook or email me at rose @ and let’s see what we can do together.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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