Honey, it is time to move.

You have dithered and delayed for far too long already and the world is waiting for EXACTLY you to wake up and live and fulfil your role on this planet.

You have read the books, you have attended the conferences, the seminars, you have listened to the audios, you have done all of that, you may have even had some coaching but you did not take the action

And now it is time to take all of that stuff and make stuff happen!

You are bored with this, anyway!  You know that there is more to you than what you are currently experiencing so why do you keep talking about being overwhelmed, being uncertain, being unsure about what to do next when you know you just have to move.

I get it!

I lived in that spot for so long but then I made a solid decision and everything began to change.

So, honey, I am calling you out!

I am telling you right now that in order to make stuff happen, you have to make that solid decision to refuse to back down even in the face of what can feel like overwhelming odds…

Even when it feels that no one cares…

Even when you are nervous about being pushy…

Even when you think that you are a bit too deluded to think that you can be, do, have all that you dream of…

Even when people in your world think you are crazy…

Even when you think that you may end up alone if you keep this up…

Even when you think your debt will break you..

Even if you think that pursuing your dreams makes you a bad person, parent, partner, child…

Even then, you have to rise up and make stuff happen now.

You have to take the first step and then the next…

And you have to keep doing it until you reach your goals and dreams.  You just cannot allow emotion, feelings, to be the things that stop you.  I mean, how would you feel on that final day and all you can see is a life lived to please everyone, but yourself?  Or a feeling of regret because you KNOW, you absolutely know you could have done so much more with the time you had?

Regret is tough…

And it does not have to be your lot in life.

You can choose instead to make stuff happen now.

And I am going to show you how tonight…

I am going to break it down for you on a free training call all about how to make stuff happen because honey, you have been sitting on your behind for far too long and it is time as this year draws to a close that you claim the life and the business you want!

It is time to defeat the internal resistance and it is time to choose to put your hand to the plough and make stuff happen now because the thing is, you can!

Here is the ‘MAKE STUFF HAPPEN NOW!” Free training call where you will learn How To Get Off Your Butt, Rev Up Your Engine & Do Your Best Work Now To Create Wealth in Business.

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Fight for, create the life and the business you want!

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