It is time for you to wake up!

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It is time for you to wake upYou hear it…

The cock is crowing within you, it tries to wake you up…

The alarm clock is going off inside of you, it too tries to wake you up…

You know there is more.

You have tried to shut it down.  You have tried to numb it out.  You have tried to be the same as everyone else and still the tick, tick, tocking inside of you keeps going along.  And the anxiety within you rises as you start to sense that you are running out of time.

There is something you must be about.  It is a bit like Jesus said ‘I must be about the work of my Father’ – You feel like that, don’t you?

You feel called and it feels too big.

Too major, too much for little old you and you have lived life trying to shut that voice down.  You have been passive and now, it will no longer be ignored.

It is time for you to wake up.

Yes, you may be reluctant…

You may be holding on to what you call ‘responsibility’ and yet, the whole time you know that you are avoiding the truth of what you must be about.

So many times, I see people come to their awakening and they start the process and I am moved to tears as they see it clearly sometimes for the first time and tragically, some go back to the life they know they should not be living because they just cannot see how to make it real.

Is that you?

You cannot see how what you feel called to, is practical in your every day life.  You have children, you have house payments to make, you have a career with a boss who has certain expectations of you, you have extended family who want you to stay in place and fulfil their expectations for you.

And all you see is life with its myriad of pieces holding you back from the purpose, the calling you feel inside of you…

And still I say to you ‘It is time for you to wake up!’

Who said that fulfilling your life purpose is simple and easy and fluid?  Yes, it can be in the middle somewhere when you know you are on path to your own life but to start with… It is tough.

You are breaking free of everything you thought was certain.  And it feels hard.  It feels counterintuitive.  It feels as though you are being silly.  And there is an abundance of people to agree with you.

And yet, there is a little bubble inside of you that knows you must break free.

It is time for you to wake up!

Honey, it is not enough to turn up at your place of worship every week…

It is not enough to do your bit there and then to think, that you have fulfilled your part in your purpose…

It is not enough to listen to the preacher person speak and then for you to return to where you came from…

If you want to change the world (and that is what you want), you have to give it a lot more time than that!

Start by owning your greatness!

Start by seeing yourself as the warrior you are created to be!

Start by realising that if you dream of something consistently, it is because you are called to DO IT!

And then move on to redirecting some of your efforts towards making what you dream about, happen.

It may not happen overnight (if you are particularly fearful!) but it can certainly start.  You can start now to redirect some of your focus towards figuring out how to make the dream a reality.

It may change so much as you start to look so firmly at it but that too is a part of the journey.  Do not shy away from all the changes that will happen to you and to the picture of your life that you see.

There will be upsets at times with people you have known forever – They will wonder why you are acting in this way, doing these things, why can you not just settle down and grow old like they are but you cannot!

You have awoken and it is your time.

The inner change is permanent and there is no going back.  You have seen what you could be, you have seen the impact you could have and though a part of you struggles to believe it because it feels so big, so weighty – You know there is no return to where you used to be.

And that is the scary thing.

You almost want to stay put, to stay in place and now you cannot, because you have seen something and pretending that you have not is causing you to feel depressed with your life.

You can drown it in food, drink, laughter, television, over-work, sex, whatever you like but it is always there eating at you to wake up.  It says ‘You can see me and I am not going away”

And you tried…

So you had to kill off your joy in order to make it so and so there is a deadness inside of you.

I lived with that deadness for 4 years or so until I finally saw that I was going to have to properly wake up and stop fighting the truth inside of me that I was called to something bigger than me.  I am called to serve a great number of people and I feel STUPID some days when I tell of project 334k – The 334 thousand people (or more) I feel called to serve.  It seems incredible, it seems stupid to think such a thing, it feels silly and yet, it feels right inside of me.

Big, weighty, scary and yet right.

And even as I write this…  I am going to demonstrate what it means to step into the calling you feel inside of you.

And I am going to respond to the prompting inside me to release a program called ‘Wake Up To Your Purpose’.

For too long, people have asked me how to discover their purpose…

And on discovering it, what to do with it?

People wanted to know what to do when life has battered all hope out of you and you feel all purposed out…

And this is the thing I have come to realise, most people go through life thinking that their purpose will create space for them.  And it will but you MUST learn how to get the attention of the people you are called to serve and that is where I come in.

I teach you to wake up to your calling, your mission, your purpose and then I show you how to get the attention of those you are called to serve.  Because whether you like it or not, even the free stuff has got to be sold!  It is a privilege to be able to serve people in the exact way that you are called to serve them so do not take it for granted that now you have figured out what you need to do then everyone should line up to allow you to do it.

It is not so.  You make it so by learning to get your message out.

But back to the inkling of an idea that just dropped into my heart…

Let us begin by figuring out your purpose – I know you know it but for whatever reason, you are nervous of it and so you have buried it deep down inside or maybe once upon a time, you let it out and it got crushed and now you feel you must never let it out again.  Whatever it is that holds you back, come with me on this journey to you, to your origin, to who you are called to be.

As is the way of most of my programs, this will be audios delivered to your email inbox probably on a daily basis Monday to Friday for a minimum of 7 days with any necessary worksheets to help you figure out what it is you are called to do.  There will be a group coaching call to go with it and you will be a member of the Deliberate Millionaire so you can ask your questions and share your revelations in a more private setting.  That is all I have at the moment.

If it seems to be a go-er because you choose to join in (and frankly, I will do it with just you if you are the only one that takes action but we can make it so much more personalised if that is the case), then I will pull out all the stops and make it an experience for you to remember always.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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