You keep trying to be so perfect

And when you are inevitably imperfect, you think that that counts you out

And the sad, sad thing is when you think that the Divine, Source demands this of you

You keep trying to think your way free from all the mess and drama within your mind


They told you not to ‘spiritually bypass’ anything and so, you spend all your time trying so hard to get it perfect

Hoping that when you finally heal that deep deep part of yourself then suddenly, life will open up and you will be free to live the life you truly desire to live.

But it will never work

There will always be more to clear

There will always be more revealed when you go looking.

You can dig dig dig until you get to the other end of the world and there will still be more to find and heal.

And while you are busy trying so hard to be perfect, your life is fading away before your eyes.

How much longer can you try to control every thought with willpower alone?

How much longer can you keep forcing yourself to be someone you think you HAVE TO BE in order to be considered good enough to win?

How much longer will you keep reacting to the craziness in your subconscious mind that is forever coercing you to prove yourself, to be better, to get it right?

The Divine once said to me ‘If healing is all you keep seeking out, then healing is all you will get’

I say that to you too.

Honey, you need to learn to live in connection to the Divine.

You need to live life intuitively.

Only the Divine knows what needs to shift, in order for you to achieve the desires of your heart.

Of course, you probably think there is something wrong with having desires at all and so, there you go trying to be the most holy, spiritual person on the block, living in such lack while slapping a smile on it.


You need to live life intuitively

I don’t care how religious or spiritual you think you are, if this resonated with you because you know you are trying and trying and trying AND TRYING to be finally worthy of all that you desire, be it to be more spiritually or materially prosperous, then get a copy of my book – The DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE’S CONFIDENCE BOOK now

Your way is not working and it will NEVER work.

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Much Amazing Love

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