Gosh, they have really done a number on you, haven’t they?

Convinced you to be normal and sensible and rational and all those terribly boring sounding words…

And you have bought into it – hook, line, sinker!

I see you dousing out the fire within you because you think that you have to be whatever it is that ‘they’ want you to be in order to win at this game of life!

And so, honey, you keep losing!

You put on your suit…

Plaster your face with make up…

Have your points listed out in bullet point fashion…

You consciously put on yuor most boringly pleasant face…

And then, you find the courage to do that video or write that post…

Trying very hard to come across as a professional worthy of attention and then you do a few edits here and there to make sure it is perfectly polished and absolutely impeccable and then you put it out in the world, hoping desperately that finally you will get the attention you deserve…

Something that could have taken 15 minutes, stretches into an hour, two, 24 HOURS!!!!

And finally, you think this one pice of content birthed with such perfection (and desperation!) will be THE thing that will get yuo to the big time…

And then. nothing. happens…

Nothing at all…

Something inside of you dies a little more as the lies you are believing about building a purpose-driven online business prove ONCE AGAIN to be absolutely false.

Because honey, where the hell are you in the middle of this performance?

All we see is this perfect person and we DO NOT BELIEVE YOU!

You may have done all kinds of wonderful things in the past and maybe, we should even care about all of that but we don’t because all we see is this bland, boring, staid version of you that you think we should trust because… OMG you wore a suit!


When will you realise that your people are drawn to fire, to passion, to weirdness, to you saying all that stuff that you are too scared to say in public?

The real stuff behind any results you may have achieved…

The stuff no one talks about, except the brave few that are a lot more successful and happy than you are, right now…

When will you realise that you are most charismatic when you tap into the real you and let that person out?!

Not this fake, ‘doing what the gurus told me to do’ person?

Where on earth is the passion in your blog posts?

Oh yes, the gurus told you that you could never be rich being passionate…

Where on earth is the humanity in your videos?

Oh yes, the gurus told you to filter that out too!

Where on earth are you in your quote images?

Oh yes, THE GURUS made you feel that you being you, was just not good enough!

And you bought into this nonsense!

Even though it is NOT getting you any results!

And you do not even feel all that good about it and yet, you keep taking the same actions, hoping, praying that this time it will all work out but IT NEVER DOES!

And then you retreat back to your unsatisfying existence, doing work you hate to make money any old way because you say, you have tried this online business malarkey and it does not work!

What nonsense!

What utter nonsense!

You never ever showed up as you!

You just never did!

You kept thinking you had to be someone else!

And so, you never made any connection with your people and now, you think you cannot do it!


Why is this different?

Because it means more…

I get it and yet, honey, BECAUSE IT MEANS MORE, you cannot quit!

You cannot give up because you were following the advice of idiots who made you devalue the unique contribution that you being you, brings to the marketplace.

They tamed you, leader and you went along with it!


So step it up, leader and show up as you!

The work you want to do, demands that YOU show up!

Not some boring polished version of you!


Will you find the courage to strip off the layers and become the powerful warrior you know you are born to be?

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Much Amazing Love

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