Yes you may not have done it before

Yes, the thought of it seems overwhelming

Yes, you are scared shitless at the thought of going after it…

And yet, there is a little part of you that wants it…


YOU want to triumph over the fear, the anxiety, the overwhelm

And you want to win this thing!

And you can!

You can overcome!

You have the vision for a reason, honey!

Because you are EXACTLY the right person to make it happen

The WHOLE UNIVERSE is on your side…

Everything wants you to win!

All you need to do, is get over the initial petrified feeling

And plant both feet firmly on the narrow path

And start walking

One step at a time

Through the darkness

On towards the light

Knowing you are never alone

Knowing you are taken care of

Knowing that the Divine is on your side

Knowing that you have what it takes to win

Knowing that you can trust the intuitive whispers

Knowing that you MUST share your voice

Knowing that you will help so many

Knowing that you will fulfil your life’s calling

Knowing that you will look back on this moment and be so thankful that you made the decision to choose you, choose your purpose, your calling, YOURSELF!


You got this!

Now shift that awesome arse!


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You have waited long enough.

You have dabbled and procrastinated long enough.

You have played the small game long enough.

It is time to move!

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