Everyone has this dream that creating the life they desire, will happen as though by magic.

They will wake up one morning and they have won the lottery, all their friends absolutely adore them, their family has become so supportive and loving, every flight is upgraded to first class and offered to them on a platter even before they decide what country to visit, their business will take off and thousands of dollars will fly into their account, their body will look like one of those slender celebrities they gush over (or maybe, their penis will be a perfect size), their mindset will be magically focused on abundance and prosperity and so, they’ll be attracting better and better circumstances all the time, just like that.

TV calls and wants to feature their life (if fame is their thing) and they will humbly try to be an inspiration to the masses, telling them how it can happen for them too.  And also, because they are sooooo goodhearted, deserving, generous and kind, they will also be able to give 50% (or more) of their income to the poor and needy somewhere out there and STILL live the life of the rich and famous (Can’t you see, Divine? this is why they are so worthy and this is why you should have flicked the switch over there life, rather than that other greedy fool down the road! 😃).  They will have a direct line to heaven and whatever they even whisper in the direction of the Divine, will be granted… JUST. LIKE. THAT.

Oh yes, life will be good and they will finally be happy. All their problems will melt away as they can NOW afford to pay for whatever they want and most of their previous problems were due to money (or so they tell themselves).

They will finally be able to spend time with their family because they now have an abundance of time.  They will no longer yell at their children or partners because they will magically become patient and kind all the time.  They will FINALLY feel peaceful and grateful because of course, now they HAVE something to be grateful for, not like before when they were struggling… right?!

And so on, the dream goes.

Now, we all know that this dream never actually happens and yet, most people still want it, they sometimes even think others created their wealth this way, by magic (and so feel justified in judging them for having it sooooo easy).

They never admit to wanting it, of course.  They just show it by their actions.  They pray, affirm but never do anything to create and receive.

But they think they are doing EVERYTHING!!!, that is the crazy part.

They truly think they are doing everything they can when really, they are working VERY VERY VERY hard to maintain a life they do not want.  Everything about their actions is focused on maintaining their current existence and they have very GOOD reasons for this.

  • 🔴 Someone just died, I have to focus on sorting all that out
  • 🔴 My child is ill, I have to focus on sorting all that out
  • 🔴 The business is not working, I have to focus on bringing money in from the dreaded job
  • 🔴 I just don’t know what to do and all those gurus are scammers who never tell the truth about what I need to do while trying to take all my money
  • 🔴 I can’t afford it – I don’t have the time or the money
  • 🔴 I am so confused, I don’t know what to do or even what I really want
  • 🔴 I am serving my pastor and he/she, being the anointed of God, will finally give me a platform and permission if I am faithful in building their vision and maybe, I am just supposed to be the supporting cast anyway.  I will just spend all my free time over there, giving, giving, giving.
  • 🔴 My partner is so unsupportive but I love him/her and so, I gotta focus on working that out and if not, I gotta focus all my energy on fighting with them
  • 🔴 I am ill and I need to focus on getting better.  My body feels so drained. I just need to rest, I have been pushing myself too hard (yes, you have been pushing too hard… AT THE WRONG LIFE!!! and your body is fed up with it!)
  • 🔴 My family will disown me if I do what I want to do so I better stick around and keep trying to explain to/plead with them about what I want to do until they finally give me permission to do it.
  • 🔴 I gotta maintain my reputation at work and at home.  If I start doing what I really want to do, they will all think I am flaky, selfish & unreliable.  I can’t allow that to happen.

I could go on.

The thing is that most people really do believe that life will mysteriously clear a space for them to finally be free to do the work of truly prospering.  they keep waiting for a clear moment, they keep waiting to have time and money and they are sure that when this current crisis passes, THEN they will be free to … (fill in the gap).

Most people are also sure that those few people who do manage to live the life they desire, had some advantage, some secret knowledge, some supportive connections that made it easier for them.

Needless to say, ‘most people’ go to the grave, having never lived.

Are you being this way?

Would you even know or do you have your own wonderful blend of reasons why you have no choice but to keep doing what you are doing, even though YOU KNOW you are meant for more?

AWAKEN, my love.

It is never convenient to grow

It is never convenient to prosper

It is never convenient to CHOOSE YOU, & YOUR VISION, over all the other demands upon you.

If anything, because you are such a cool person, it will feel selfish to make yourself a priority in your own life.

And yet, if you do not CHOOSE YOU & YOUR VISION, who will?

I strongly urge you to get on the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE PATH TO PEACE & PLENTY by getting a copy of the book – The DM’s CONFIDENCE Book at https://mibusiness.lpages.co/coreconfidence

COMMIT TO READING & IMPLEMENTING IT, regardless of what shows up in your life.



Only the focused and most determined are able to stay the course.

YOU have focus and determination.

YOU are able to be consistent.

YOU are created in the image and likeness of the Divine, YOU ARE powerful, my love.

Stop buying into the drama and nonsense.


Will you let yourself?

Go and get a copy of the book now, as a matter of urgency if you resonate with my work – https://mibusiness.lpages.co/coreconfidence

Much Amazing Love


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