I remember speaking at a woman’s business conference and I asked them…

“Who wants to be a millionaire business owner?”

Of course, they all said yes…

But then within the next few moments, some were already telling me about how their skin colour was going to stop them from ever prospering and did I have any special tips for them.

I just laughed.

Everyone wants to be free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched

Only a very few are willing to do what it takes

The rest have excuses coming out of their butt for days…

Skin colour gets in my way

My parents did this to me

My boss did the other thing to me

I was abused in some way

I have no money

I have no time

I live in the wrong country

I am waiting on God

The children need me

The parents need me

I get anxious and afraid

I got burnt out last time I tried

I tried everything and nothing ever works

Every got worse the last time I tried

I am not cut out for it

The bank will not loan me money

I have too much debt

Everyone needs me to keep doing what i am doing, it would be selfish of me to give up on them

I am disabled

Oh, you do not understand the trouble I see everyday, Rosemary – It is easy for you

And blah, blah, blah


The truth is, it is easier to be broke

It is easier to be stuck

It is easier to have stories that take the responsibility off you to truly prosper

It is easier and more comfortable to stay where you are, doing what you are doing and telling yourself some story about how, ONE DAY, you will do this and that and the door will open for you and so on and so forth…

OK, that is your right

But at least be freaking honest about it


It is scary and uncertain

And so, you would rather stay put in a life you do not like but at least, it looks like the life of most of your friends so you will not be alone in having someone to complain with.

By staying the same, you don’t have to put yourself to the test…

You don’t have to find out that you really were not up to the task (As if that is even possible! but I know you think it is… pity)

You would rather go through life knowing that you were born for more but never quite had the gumption to go get it.


Your right, I guess.


You could finally see that you are powerful

You could finally see that if you have a vision for something, that is your permission and confirmation that you are capable of bringing it to life…

You could finally start taking steps every day to transition to the life you truly desire.

Just little steps each day

Learning new things each day

Leaning deeper into the Divine each day

Building that faith little by little each day

Where could you be in a year, if you just did little things each day towards your vision?

What if you came into the OPULENCE CIRCLE and allowed yourself to be immersed in a new way of thinking, being, acting each day… where could you be in 6 months, 9 months, 12 months?

Yes, everything could change in an instant…

I do not discount that

However, for most people, all you need to do is decide to do something small every day to move in the direction of your vision

No pressure

Just a determined decision to change

And one day, you look at your life and realise it is so different now.

Everything did seem to change in an instant, after all!

What will it be for you?

Stay the same

Or elevate your life and that of your family?

I see you as powerful


Highly profitable messenger of light

New breed leader

Fore runner


Bringer of the new

But though I see that potential within you, you are the one that has to DECIDE to make it so

Will you?

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