It is because you are strong that you are being persecuted

It is because you are strong that you are being persecuted

Why do you think you are so small?  I don’t get it, or do I?

After all, I spent a whole lot of my life living this incredibly small life and wondering why nothing ever got any better.

This morning, I woke up in Bali – Well, actually it was afternoon by the time I woke up having gone to bed at 4.30am Bali Time.

I am so excited about being here – It is too cool.

And yet, travel is something I dreamt of for a long time but I never did it.  I kept waiting for the time to be right, for everything to change instead of just getting on and doing what I wanted to do.

What are you waiting on as well?

I was reading the Bible today as I do…

And it was all about the Israelites who were being persecuted by the Egyptians because…  and this is the crazy bit! …

Because the Egyptians thought that the Israelites were too strong and mighty!

The Egyptians thought that there were too many Israelites and that if left alone, they would attack the Egyptians so they decided to pre-empt the Israelite strike by making them slaves first.

And…  the Israelites let them!

They actually LET THEM do that!

At any second in proceedings, they could have jumped up as a people and said ‘HELL NO!’ – they did not even have to go to war with them, they could have just said ‘NO!’  and the Egyptians would not have been able to do anything about it but for some reason, they lay down and took it.

How crazy is that!

And then, like the helpless babes they decided they were going to be – They started to beg and plead with God to come rescue them.

I mean, it just seems incredibly weird to me.

And yet, I have done it…

Yep, I cannot claim to have escaped this particular brand of crazy behavior…

And I see you doing it every single day, as well!

You have gifts, you have talents and you are a leader – I only have to look at you to see it…

And yet, instead of doing something with all that awesome-ness – you wait for someone to give you permission.

You take nonsense from some idiotic person who is just jealous of all the potential not being used within.

And you think you are small…

And then to add insult to your self-imposed injuries, you pray and pray and plead and beg God to come save you when frankly, He has already told you what to do!

He has already given you all the power you need…

He has already equipped you with EVERYTHING and still you wait!

I mean, really?!!

What are you waiting for?

The savior has come already!

It is your time now to step up in faith and start to create whatever it is that you say you want!

You have all the permission you need.

You have all the power you need…

You have EVERYTHING you need right there inside of you so get on with it.

Get on with being all you can be.


And I get it, you might think you need specific tactics of action or something but how about just making a start with what you know, right now.

How about taking the next step, whatever that is for you?

How about no longer looking for excuses and start instead to take immense action?

I have never ever discovered the next thing by sitting on the fence dithering, I always figure out the next step by just doing something, anything!

Even if that something is wrong, I have momentum…

I can now pivot and tweak and change direction…

But while I sat there on the fence waiting around for certainty, I did not know what was right or wrong for me to do, I just got overwhelmed with all the possibilities.

Listen, you are a leader, a warrior and if you want something, you have to choose to get to work and create it.

As I have already said, you have everything at your disposal that you need for the next step so instead of staying stuck in self-doubt, just get to work!


The world awaits you!

And know this, it is not because you are weak that others persecute you, it is because you are strong – You just don’t see HOW STRONG yet.

Get to work!

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