Nothing ‘out there’ can be allowed to master you.

You cannot allow yourself to be trying to get your needs met from ‘out there’.

It will inevitably disappoint you.

The problem for you is that you do not realise that you are doing it.

And you think that that is the only way to live.

Because everyone around you lives that way.

And so, you give your power AND FREEDOM away all day, every day.

? To jobs that you do not want to do but think you have to do for money.

? To your children – You give and give and pray god that they will return the favour when you are older. And the day they do something you do not like, you remind them of all you have done for them!

? To your parents – You keep doing whatever they want you to do. No boundaries because you are scared of being considered a bad person, when you ask for what you want.

?To your friends – You just cannot bear the thought of being alone so you would rather have peeps that demean you subtly. You give and give to them so they will like you

? To your boss – Without him/her, you will be hungry and so, you do whatever they tell you, no matter how distasteful it is to you.

? To your clients, customers, recruits – you give away for free or cheap when you do not even want to. They re so demanding but hey, they are your livelihood so they are always right.

?To your FOOD!!! – It determines whether you will be fat, happy or not.

?To your pastor.

?To the politicians.

? To your bank balance.

? To strangers who cut you off on the road.

And everything, everyone seems to have more power than you, in your own life.

And all because you think these things are your source.

You think you are dependent on them for your survival and so they are your master, though you would not think of it that way.

They say ‘JUMP’ and you ask how high and get to jumping.

You even think that your higher power treats you this way.

You sing songs about being used by your higher power.

You are petrified of being sent to eternal fire and damnation so you keep jump, jump, JUMPING!

You are scared that unless you perform just right, then you will forever be struggling financially and otherwise because your higher power will punish you by not giving you stuff.

And you call that love.

And so, life is a scary thing for you.

But again, you have learnt to live with this fear and so, you just get on with it.

It is normal.

It is just the way things are.

And anyone that tries to tell you any different is selling you a dream or trying to scam you or whatever.

And at the same time, you are crying out for change.

But you sit on your awesome butt when change comes because it does not look like you expect.

You feel the intuitive leading to act upon it but your fear has a louder voice and in the end, you keep doing what you have always done and keep wondering why your higher power has not come through for you when you are being so ‘good’.

I did all these silly things until I reached my ‘I DON’T WANT THIS ANYMORE’ moment and then I changed my mind about who I was and how life was allowed to treat me.

I took back my power and freedom.

I became master of my life.

And in partnership with the Divine, I created something better.

A whole lot better.

And it just keeps getting better.

Yep, I still have moments of fear but they are reducing because I see them for what they are now.

So much better than before.

No, it was not all smooth sailing but I would rather go through the acute pain of change than live forever with the chronic pain of staying the same.

I cannot believe how wimpy I used to be but I love that me and I love this me.

It was all part of my journey and I am soooo thankful for it.

I invite you to self-mastery.

I invite you to deliberate life design.

I invite you to work with me in WIN THE WAR WITHIN.

Surely, you are done with being mastered by everything ‘out there’

Much Amazing Love

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