Most of the time, we take ourselves and our businesses so seriously.

It is so serious that all the fun gets sucked out of it.

How dreary!

And then we start to hate the business that we installed to give us freedom.  How very silly!  It becomes like work – the thing we wanted to run away from and all because it has become this serious thing that has to feed us and clothe us and replace the work we don’t want to do.

Where is the fun in that?

And even the people we want to serve run in the other direction, as far as they can from us because it is all too serious where we are.  They can smell the desperation and it repels them.  They want nothing to do with you.  They want to be around fun, inspiration, motivation, happiness.

Where is your happy gone?

Where is the excitement gone?

You know that time when you did not know what you did not know and so you just did whatever came to mind and you just went with the flow and things just kinda happened…

That time before you got super serious!

Now, you HAVE TO make money from this and all the imagination has seeped out of you and you are left with this monster of a business that you just cannot make work and all your customers are wondering where the fun person has gone.

You are wondering where the fun, daring person has gone.

Hey, come back!


You! Imagination, Creativity, Innovation!  Come back here.

Well, this is the thing, they say they will only return when you start to be willing to try again.  They will return when you start listening to the little whispers again and acting on them instead of waiting for everything to be perfect.

Can you do that?

Imagine a business that is fun again as you try a little of this and a little of that, you break the rules and just do what comes naturally to you, you allow your creativity to shine through…

How much fun could that business be?

How much easier could making money be if you just gave things a try instead of second guessing, triple guessing and over-thinking your way out of everything?  And maybe you are still on the fence with regards to starting that business because all you see are these responsibilities that you have and you NEED it to work within 3 days or else!

And nothing responds well to ultimatums.  For sure, set some intentions, some goals but then let them go and do the first thing and make it a game.  Ask yourself “How can I make this fun?”  “How can I play a game with this?”

Listen, it is inevitable that you will get what you intend to get as long as you keep going.

It is also inevitable that you will not keep going if you take it all too seriously.

Relax, Enjoy the journey and take action on those ideas that drop into your heart and spirit.

Do what that mentor told you to do, try it out for yourself, don’t wait to trust it or believe in yourself – That makes it all too serious.  Just do it and see for yourself.  Tweak it and do some more and keep doing that playfully, imaginatively until it works.

And it will.

Start now to create the life, the business you want because you can.

Fed up of taking everything so seriously and want an objective second eye, let’s have a fierce conversation about it –

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