Everyday, I wake up…

I sit with the Divine after drinking some lemon water and chanting affirmations in the darkness of my kitchen

And I seek something deep, meaningful to share with you

And mostly, it all seems so simple…

So straightforward

Things I have said a million times before

Surely no one needs to hear it all again

Why can I not sound like those cryptic sounding mystics, I wonder?

Trust be told, I giggle to myself as I realise I have always felt this

I have been one to despise my own songs for as long as I can remember because I felt they were not deep enough

I finally gave myself permission to just write simple ditties that were repetitive in nature, rather than keep trying to make everything sound deep and mystical…

I remember at university being told to write my essays and reports in a more scientific manner as they sound just like I speak – NOthing wrong with the content, my lecturers affirmed but way too simple!

I tried to reach their expectations but I never could quite reach their required standards but it must have been okay as I graduated with a 2:1…

And I suppose after you become a pharmacist, who even cares about such things?  Unless you decide to go into research.  I did do some postgraduate study but I still seemed to get away with it though I heard the same complaint of my responses being too simple…

I put off writing books because again I felt they needed to be deep and meaningful

Finally I took the limits off and I have about 12 books written and available on Amazon except now again, I feel the holdback as I seek to write about the Deliberate Life with a bit more of a spiritual tone and again, I hit against the resistance as the self-doubts tells me again that I am way too simple and I need to sound more cryptic and deep…

Yep, I need to shake that off!


Because this deliberate life is not supposed to be complicated

It is pretty simple

Your vision is your permission

You are capable of your calling

The Divine holds nothing back from you

You can live as prosperously as you choose to

You are powerful beyond measure

You simply need to remember who you are and begin to live knowing that you are safe, loved, fully supported…

There is no mistake about you being here

The work always works

Simple ideas

Simple foundational concepts

? Connect to the Divine (or whatever name you use for your higher power) – this is your power source

? Clarify your life’s purpose and allow it to expand as you grow

? Clean, Clear, Heal any seeming obstacles in your path (usually inner beliefs or emotions)

? Create by taking aligned action following the intuitive nudges

And yet, we humans seek to complicate it all

And I can be the worst of the lot except I have chosen to be consistent so I do not have the time to over-analyse everything before putting anything out.

thank The Divine for that or else, I would still be waiting for some kind of perfection

Instead, I am, right now, serving the people who I feel called to serve and I am thankful for it

Even if sometimes I think I am too simple.

Honey, where are you complicating things?

Where are you making your life hard because you think it has to be?

It is not supposed to be a challenge to live an amazing life

It is supposed to be simple, easy and it really is your birthright

So, honey, go with that intuitive nudge

Even though it seems too simple

Stop staying stagnant while you wait for some complicated, hard next step, thinking that if it is too simple or easy then it cannot be right!

I used to believe that and it is silliness

I now CHOOSE the easy road

I now CHOOSE the path of least resistance

I now realise that this life is not some complicated maze with hidden secrets that only the best of the best can find


It is all tilted in every single one of our favours

We are allowed to win… EASILY

unless we buy into some silly desire to make it complicated

And why do that?

Choose ease

And get moving

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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