So, the affirmation this week is “I am confident, I am self-assured. I am rich”.

Confident and self-assured, everyone seems to think they are fine with.

But ‘RICH’?! well…

Spirit-driven souls are finding it difficult to claim that one.

Is it any wonder that people stay stuck in financial ‘just-barely-enoughness’?

I used to be so uncomfortable facing into money and the various beliefs I carried around it.

Bankruptcy, Debt, Depression cured me of that particular issue.

If I wanted to break into the more-than-enoughness then I could no longer approach it like anyone who has just-barely-enough and that is most people.

And I truly do not believe it has to be that way, especially not for spiritual people.

However, most spiritual people do not look hard enough at their money issues because they are busy telling themselves silly things like money does not buy happiness.

Well, neither does poverty, I will have you know.


Because happiness has nothing whatsoever to do with whether you are happy or not.

Those are like 2 completely separate conversations but let’s all be honest and admit that money does help.

If you are that person trapped doing work you do not adore for 8 or more hours each day simply because of MONEY, then you know exactly what I mean and frankly, there are many, MANY spiritual souls doing exactly that and telling themselves they are not motivated by money.

And this applies to entrepreneurs as well as the employed.

What utter silliness.

If not for needing money, would you be working that job or business?


Then you are motivated by money and you are probably not all that happy about it, are you? But you will probably tell yourself that you ‘have to’ – Well, ok then. Who am I to tell you, ‘faith walking’ spiritual soul, any different?

I have had people insult me for focusing on money but I guess if you had the weird mixed up story that I had around money then you would be focused too… Oh wait, most of them DO!

And while they continue in barrenness and strife trying to defend their ‘excuses’ with their false piety…

I shift into freedom and ease.

And even deeper connection to the Divine because growth in this way leads you back to your Source in ways that just staying comfortable in your ‘just-barely-enoughness’ never will.

And so, I am thankful for who I am and the journey I went on and still carry on with and probably will still carry on going ever deeper with understanding all the money blocks and limits until I die so that I am able to support as many as are willing to break free into freedom too.

So, I started this by asking “Is your divine identity one of wealth or poverty?”

And then I went off on a tangent.

But ultimately, it is one thing to claim that abundance is your divine right and it is another thing to determinedly figure out why you are not experiencing it in your physical reality.

And you have to take responsibility for this, my love.

Because you are literally being loved all of the time and money is simply love materialised so any blocks to receiving money are only on your side.

It is easy to claim that the Divine is holding stuff back for some good reason that you are unaware of, because that means you never have to face into the fact that something you are doing or believing is the culprit.

However, if you would see that something you are doing or believing is the culprit then you would also then be able to fix it.

There need not be any self-judgment here.

Just a recognition that there is growing and expansion to do in order to step more deeply into your identity as rich.


Yes, it may seem tough on the journey to clean up all the nonsensical beliefs that feel so real and probably even feel noble.

But ANYTHING that keeps you from your good is NOT NOBLE.

Stop assuming it is.

Let go of these stinky ideas.

Dare to face them, for goodness’ sake.

Get yourself into an environment that forces you to face them, rather than continually pretending that you are content with ‘just-barely-enough’ness.

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Much Amazing Love

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