There is a fear in you that you have reached your peak

That this is as good as it will ever get

That this is all

And you just need to stop buying into the stories that you can be, do or have more…

You do not fully admit this, of course

You are going through the motions of saying you want more

Maybe, even dabbling at a few things here and there

But never fully committing, of course

Because you are, deep down scared that if you go all the way in, you will discover the truth that you had reached your peak and you did not quit while ahead and now, you are behind because you have lost all that you had sweat blood and tears to build.

In short, you are scared you will lose everything

And so…

You are stuck

You want more

And you don’t think you can have more

And so, in the end, you are just biding time until you die

Even though you are very busy doing, doing, doing

If you took a moment to really look at all your doings, you would know that you are just pretending

Just going through the motions

Just saying the right words but really deep down, you are choosing to remain stagnant

Can I tell you something?

The only way you hit your peak, is if you decide to hit your peak

Whether it is a subconscious decision or a conscious one, YOU ARE THE ONE HOLDING ALL THE CARDS

And it would benefit you to check that this is really what you want

It would be hateful to get to the end of your life and realise that you never went all in, simply because you were scared that you had hit your peak 60 years before you even came to pass on to the next life…

Yes, honey, even though you may be anything from 28 -60 right now, you may yet have another SIXTY PLUS YEARS before you pass on to the next life – Is this really how you want to spend your time?

Is this really to be your peak?

Get deliberate about this, honey

Do not just passively go into your future, telling yourself some story about nothing seeming to work, never having time, not having money when you never went all the way in after you hit this last peak.


You are divinity, LITERALLY

There is no peak

There is just what you choose to settle for

Is this what you want?

Or are you willing to go all the way in?

I invite you to work with me, if you KNOW this is not your peak

I invite you to AWAKEN, if you know there is so much more for you and you are ready NOW to claim it all

I invite you to the next 90 powerful days of your life, if you are done with pretending to know what you are up to and instead want full support in getting your next thing off the ground…

This is not for the passive

It is for those who are ready RIGHT NOW to deliberately design their life…

Those who are ready to invest TIME, MONEY and ENERGY into bringing their dreams to life

Those who know they are called to change lives and make a difference in a bigger bolder way, RIGHT NOW

Those who will not let this year end while remaining stuck in place

If that is you, then you are invited to take a look at AWAKEN on

And then click one of the buttons on the page to request a complimentary consultation with me

And when we talk, if it is a fit, you will be invited to join in

Go on over now at

Speak soon

Much Amazing Love
Rosemary Nonny Knight
the Prosperity Minister


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