The self-doubt overwhelms

The fear tells its lies

But tell me this, my love…

Is YOUR PERSON worth it?

You wonder if you are selfish for putting your vision first

You wonder if you are deluded for thinking you can do it

The dream you dream is HUGE

The lives you want to change are numerous

It is too big to imagine


Every big vision of changing lives begins with you choosing to change one person’s life

Every big goal starts with a single step

Do you feel that ONE person is worth going through all of this?

Because this path we have chosen, can be challenging

This path can be overwhelming

It will seem easier some days to be on the broad path where everything seems so predictable and safe

And yes, you will wonder if you are crazy for going after this vision

You will wonder what makes you think you are good enough to claim a life based on your true design

you will even wonder if you are truly called

You will wonder if you simply sent yourself

And in the middle of all that craziness in your mind

There will also be people around you wondering if you have jumped off the deep end

Wondering how long you will keep deluding yourself

Wondering how long before they have to remind you that you are an adult with responsibilities and no time for these silly games

You can already feel them wondering when you will see the light

And THROUGH ALL THIS, the question I must ask, is


What if you only got to change one life…

Would that be worth it?

I decided a long time ago that even one changed soul was worth it

And then I found that as I focused on the one, the one became many more ‘one’s

But it all starts with one

And sometimes that ONE is you

Are you worth it?

Are you worth the journey back to your true design self?

Are you worth the journey back to connection with your Source?


I do believe you are

I do believe your person is, too


If so, you are messenger of light

You are WayShower

You are New Breed Leader

You are History Maker

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Much Amazing Love

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