Gosh, so many talented people are stumped by this question.

So many gifted people put the brakes on because they continually ask themselves this question.

Not that success has anything to do with talent or gifts really because when it comes down to it, the person who does the most, the person who shows up the most, the person who consistently does the work regardless of how they feel about the work they have done, is the one who will win.

Will everything they put out there, win?


But because they try, they fail, they tweak, they shed blood and tears to get better and now you see them succeed and you think that they were born that way.

No, they were not.  They just consistently did the work.

I cannot emphasize just how important this point is!

To me, it was a life saver.

I did not and still do not feel like the best blogger in the world…

I did not and still do not feel like the best business woman in the world…

I did not and stil do not feel particularly talented or great at anything!

I have finally realised that I do not have to be!

I just have to keep showing up!

It really is that simple.

I can choose to take what I like to do – Writing, speaking, reading, singing – No, I am not the greatest at any of these things but I love doing them and would do them, even if I never got paid to do it.

I can take those things that I enjoy and I can choose to create a successful business using them because… AND THIS IS THE KEY THOUGHT HERE

I am committed to being the most productive person on the planet.  You will not be able to escape me, if you are my person.

And as I do this over and over again, I learn what works and do more of that – and that is how I create success in my life and my business

And the great news is…


Let me give you my business model in a few words

Show up daily, write a blog with a promotion at the end of it, do a video of the blog, extract the audio and put on Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube and my blog.

Do a lot of social media updates (automate what I can) that inspire people and make them want to hang around me.

Connect with people in my groups, in other people’s groups, in my email inbox.

Service Clients Excellently.


Simple.  It may not be the greatest work on the planet, even my hubby thinks it could be better at times.

But this is it, I spent too many years waiting to find my talent, my special gift, waiting to be perfect and I am sooooo done with that.

And now, I just show up as who I am today.

A girl with big dreams and a big heart to serve a WHOLE LOT of people imperfectly.

Because this is what I absolutely know – I have a message, I have a great calling on my life and it is to wake people up to their potential, to help them see that what they do is important to the planet, to tell them that there is no more time to live a half-life, to show them how business can give them freedom to be, do, have everything, to teach them how to promote themselves and their stuff so that they are impacting people and changing lives, to show them how to live a wealthy life because there is abundance all around us.

That is my calling and I am now committed to do it, no matter how imperfectly it comes out.

So, while the ‘norms’ sit on the sidelines asking “Is My Work Good Enough To Put Out In The World?”, we, the deliberate millionaires step up and lead.  We choose to be, do, have it all now because we are done with waiting for perfection.

Progress is enough.

Daily progress is better!

So we show up daily and we tell the world how we can help them and because we are so forceful about it, they have no choice but to come buy and come be changed and to wake themselves up as well.  We choose to slowly, but surely break down any barriers that try to stand in our path.

And we do it not because we are perfect, but because we show up ANYWAY and DO THE WORK!

Are you one of us?

Starting Monday, in the Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track group, we will be be going through the 10 day ‘Science of Getting Rich’ Bootcamp and you can join right in as well for half the regular monthly price

If you engage fully in this bootcamp, you will experience the following…

– You will start to get an understanding about just how powerful you have been created to be.

– You will start to take the limits off your expectations because honey, you only ever get what you expect to get.

– You will start to allow yourself to create as much wealth as you want without all the associated drama that comes from your underlying guilt about whether you are allowed to want what you want!

– You will start to take the actions that allow you to attract more customers, clients, recruits into your world because now you know you can

– You will take full responsibility for creating a wealthy existence for you and that will impact your family and your community

– You will learn that you CAN create a business doing what you want and you can monetise it, if you will do this one thing!

– You will start to put your true work out into the world, knowing that it is more than good enough to convert into wealth for you

– Your self-confidence will grow

– Your mindset about what you are called to do will become a lot clearer

– You will establish new habits that work to get you wealth in the shortest possible time for you

– You will no longer be open to weird teachings and opinions that attempt to keep you down.

– You will no longer be prevented from creating wealth because you have no money, no time, no ‘know-how’!

– You will be released from victim-y thinking and you will recognise just how powerful and able you really are.

– You will be re-inspired into massive action that you never thought that you could do.

– You will learn why you are so uncomfortable with the idea of being rich and how to demolish those internal objections

Ultimately, you will actually believe abundance IS your birthright and you will refuse to settle for anything less.
This will make you do the work to create wealth in all areas of your life without all the crazy internal tension.

Join in now for ten days of solid breakthrough training that will impact every area of your life.


And you can only do it as part of the Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track Program where we will together be moving forward into a wealthier existence.

Are you one of us?

Pop over now and see all you get as part of the Deliberate Millionaire in addition to being part of this bootcamp: rosemarynonnyknight.com/scienceofgettingrich and take advantage of the half-price offer.

It is time to fight for, to create the life and the business that you want!

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