Is it worth it?

Is it worth it?

Some days, I have HUGE moments of doubt. I wonder whether I should even bother sending out these messages. Is there a point?

I wonder how many of you reading it will actually step up and do anything about what I talk about. Am I just talking to the wind? Am I actually helping anyone? Does anyone care?

And yet, I was you for a very long time, sitting on some dude’s mailing list listening in, doing nothing with what I was hearing. I was dreaming, planning, waiting for the right moment, the right second and I suppose it came in the form of bankruptcy, depression and kids…

There’s no more waiting when you hit rock bottom! (The kids were a highlight 🙂 )

Do you have to get there though?

The problem is that at the moment, you are too comfortable and you are afraid of making the wrong decision. And it is not that you do not work hard, you do but you are not sure what kind of work something new may require of you.

So, instead, you stay in place, dying a little more each day. That was me, hiding away in my dispensary, coming out from time to time to actually speak to people but it felt safer behind the counter.

Yesterday, I met up with some friends – 2 pastors and it was a very inspiring evening. Not all pastors are inspiring; these were.

I asked about their story, because I wanted to glean from them how they had built up the church they were pastoring because whether you like it or not, even altruistic things need a business brain, if you actually want to serve people.

I listened to the daring things they had done, the choices they had had to make in order to get the life they were now living and more than that, the exciting life they HAD LIVED and still live!!! Houses GIVEN away, addicts welcomed into their home even when their kids were growing up, raising half a million pounds from nowhere…

Wowsie, wow, wow! I was definitely inspired!

They could have settled for a comfortable life doing what everyone else does and it would have been okay but they stepped out in faith, time and time again. They never completely knew if it would work but they kept moving forward anyway because they knew they were called to live a life of meaning and purpose beyond the norm.

This inspires me so much.

I have always felt called to something more but for most of my life, it seemed impossible to even try.

So, you know… I get it.

I get why the comfortable ‘now’ is better than the uncertain ‘maybe’ of the future.

And yet, are you sure?

As I write this, I am thinking a thought and I wonder what your thoughts are…

One of the things that stopped me from actually taking action when I was a professional was the uncertainty about how to make my ideas work. I investigated and tried to learn this and that but it was all a bit bitty so I never felt too convinced it would work. Maybe you feel the same – Lots of information but no real plan.

You see people getting going in the online space and you kinda think that you would like to do that but you are not sure how so a plan could help, maybe…

You hear talk of a freedom-based lifestyle and you want it but the whole idea of transitioning from here to there seems too huge…

Well this is what I am thinking of putting together to help you out…

A step by step blueprint taking you from here to getting your business off the ground properly. If that sounds interesting to you, hit ‘reply’ and tell me if that seems helpful and what would help you specifically.

Anyway, that just came to me as I started to write this email so do tell me what you think.

Before you go, this evening, there is a free masterclass at 11pm UK (6pm Eastern) and it is all about 6 figure selling – Pop along to here if you are ready to stop taking no for an answer and start approaching people easily about your product/service. I will remind you an hour before as well.

Do tell me what you think of my mini idea – So I can get to work creating something useful for you.

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