I tried…

I gave it a good whack…

Did what I was told would lead to happiness and success…

Tried to obey the rules, bearing in mind I can be a bit of a rebel at heart…

And still, despite the trappings of success, there was something missing…

My heart.

My soul

The deepest part of me was simply dissatisfied

I still remember graduating, becoming the pharmacist and thinking to myself “Why does it all feel so empty? I thought I would be happy now”

I began to wonder if I would ever really be happy…

Did I just have to settle for this low-level sadness thing I seemed to have going on?

I did not want to

I knew there had to be another way…

I have always been spiritual…

I knew there was a way to feel fulfilled…

Happiness was sometimes looked down upon as frivolous to pursue, but surely I could feel better than sad…

And the thing is,  I had experienced moments of deep connection with Source when I felt complete

Moments of deep connection with my husband, usually during orgasms, when I also felt complete

Moments of deep happiness when again, I felt complete and at one with all that is…

So I knew it existed…

But all too soon, I would return to regular every day life and I would feel… sad…

I felt like I was searching for home

And I was doing all this outer stuff that I was told would make it better but it did not work…

And as I continued to ask the Divine for more clarity

I realised that I was searching in the wrong place…

The answer could never be found in the physical reality (the matrix)

It would always be found in oneness

In connection to love

In deep inner awareness

Inside of me

Everything kept sending me back within and a whole lot deeper than just the religious/spiritual rules and dogma

Going within felt silly to me, to begin with

I was all about practical action and making things happen

And I am still about that but not in the same way

Fulfilment, wholeness, even prosperity starts within

In connection to Papa

In connection to ME!

The real true ME

I catch glimpses of that ME and I now seek her out

No, I am not perfect yet

I just know now that the answer is not in the matrix, the outer reality…

It is not in working harder and harder

It is not in doing more than everyone else

It is in going deeper

And I willingly exit the matrix

Untie myself from the chains that keep me playing a game I will never win

And instead I go within

Deeper and deeper

Connecting to my heart

Creating from the flow within me

Raising my vibe

As I connect to Papa and stay connected

The hunger is satiated here

I am one with love here

I am one with all that is, here

And I bring it into everyday life, rather than feel like I must leave it behind…

Come deeper, my honey

Do not despise the hunger for more depth

Do not use the measures of the world to keep you playing a game you cannot and do not even want to win

Why would you want to be the most unfulfilled person in the room?

Stop playing that game


Come deeper into your soul

Connect deeper to Source

Seek first the kingdom and alignment and everything gets added to you

All the things you think you are fighting to gain will come easier when you connect and stay connected to Source and EXIT the matrix

You know it

You feel the truth of it in your heart

Respond my love…

And before you go…

  • Do you feel called to change lives and make a difference with the message you carry in your heart?  
  • Do you deeply desire to live out that calling and somehow make money to take care of your responsibilities while doing it?
  • Do you keep getting tripped up with wondering if you can do it, if anyone needs or wants to hear from you?  
  • Have you been looking at the online space, knowing that your people are there and you want to build an online business but wonder how to get noticed and known by people on the internet so that you can empower and serve them with your message and also create an income?  
  • Are you already IN THE PROCESS of figuring it out but getting a little overwhelmed by all the stuff that you need to learn and do?  
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  •  Are you willing to take part in an online course from wherever you are on this planet?

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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