So, I was nosing around LinkedIn and had the misfortune of reading one of those hated, weak, WIMPY articles written by a poor, broke spiritual person.  Ok, so maybe I am casting aspersions because all I had to go on was his writing…

But it is exactly the kind of nonsense I hate…

“Spiritual entrepreneurs don’t start a business to get rich”

That was the statement in the article that rubbed me up all wrong because I know that a lot of spirit-driven entrepreneurial leaders are stuck in some horrid job that they DISLIKE strongly (HATE!) because of that belief.

Or stuck in a business that is not growing because they have a belief that it is bad to want to get wealthy while helping people!

I have spoken to many peeps who refuse to do the work they are here to do because they feel bad about charging for what they have to offer…

They think it is ‘holy’ to offer their real work for free and to make money from some other thing that they don’t like! because you know, they don’t like money (or so they say!) and so they are only allowed to make money doing stuff they don’t like! (which sounds as crazy as it reads!)

What generally ends up happening is that they do not share their voice boldly because they are scared that people might think that they want to make money! OH THE HORROR that you could want to prosper while doing your true work and sharing your real voice!

I HATE, HATE HATE seeing these spirit-driven souls going to such waste!

For goodness sake! WHY?!

Why have you made money seem so bad to you?!

Money is just a thing!

And you want that thing so that you are not broke all the time, while doing your real work.

And so you don’t have to do work you dislike!

So why not let yourself be rich?

Yes, you share your voice and offer your teaching, coaching, counselling, healing, inspiring, books, art because there is a part of you that dies when you don’t, you feel it in your bones that you must do it…


I mean, why would you not want to?

Why would you choose to just get by when you can do your real work AND get rich?

Who does it serve if you are only just getting by?

And frankly, who the heck planted the nonsense in your brain that says you have to be broke in order to be spiritual!

And why would you think that the Divine would create you with talents and gifts and then tell you that you have to be broke and poor in order to do it?!!!!

The Divine knows no lack – Why do you think YOU HAVE TO?

For goodness’ sake!

Can you please fix the crazy thinking in your head? so that you can show up powerfully and serve your people while providing something of value that they are willing to buy in great quantities!

Fix Your Money Story!

I can help with that.

And together, we can also ensure you are profitably doing the work you are born to do.


Let’s do life together

Let’s clear the blocks to peace and plenty.

Let’s get you creating wealth in your TRUE DESIGN

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Prosperity is your divine right

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