Leader, you are pushing hard…

Doing the work…

And nothing is happening…

It is like you can see the end goal through a transparent film but you cannot break through it…

Fomr the outside looking in – It seems you go so far and then you pull back…

You then lose the sale…

Or some other life event seems to pull you off track…

Some, something always seems to take you away from the finish line and it is frustrating…

All that work keeps going to waste.

And you wonder if you are cut out for this.

OK, first, of course, you are cut out for it.

You have the vision, don’t you?  So therefore it is exactly what you are supposed to be doing!

However, your past is colouring your present in a negative way.

You made mistakes and you still make them and that makes you feel unworthy of success…

And so you don’t get the sale!

You feel worthy of the struggle and so you get the effort of almost getting the sale and that feels as though you are making progress…

But because internally, you don’t feel deserving of the sale, you pull back at the last second…

Instead of leaning in.

Are you done with that yet?

Or do you still need a few more kicks before you finally stop avoiding the obvious.

  1.  Forgive yourself!
  2. Forgive yourself!

Mistakes made in the past do not keep you from success unless you think they should…

You need to lean in rather than back away.

When you are in that conversation with a prospect and you start to feel uncomfortable about asking for the sale and then your mind takes you off on merry tangents where you tell yourself that you are not even sure if you can deliver the result, and your price is too expensive, and how the last time went wrong as well…

Instead of going there, stay present in the moment, lean into the discomfort and take your prospect over the finish line…

There is a reason they called you and while you stay all in your head, beating yourself up for the mistakes you think you are sure to make, you are not listening into their need and their pain and so you hold them back from their win as well because you are simply not paying attention.

It becomes all about you!

And you cannot sell anyone anything when you are there, in that place!

You have to stay in their world without all the stories and judgements you are telling yourself

Are you done with yet?

Leave the past in the past and be fully present in each moment.

Forgive any mistakes you made…

You are worthy of success, if you will go after it with everything in you but when your energy is invested in looking back, you fail in the present because you are not here.

Stay with your prospect.

Be free of your past!

Mistakes made all add up to the glory of your current existence so stop letting them hold you back.

Stop allowing yourself to get distracted because you are scared that you are not enough!

You make it real by doing this crazy thing you do.

Stop it…

And start allowing yourself to win!

You are worth the win and you do have something amazing to offer the world.

Offer it.

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live…

Because you want to!

PS – This is one of the things that keep you bound up and struggling lots but not getting to the sales you want.  And if you are like most spirit-driven entrepreneurial leaders, you are busy wondering about tactics and strategies when really, that is not the main problem.

You are simply not applying what you do know and so you are getting nowhere.

And you are not applying what you know because of the nonsense going on in your head and that is what you need freedom from.  It is astounding how fast my clients move when the stuff in their heads is handled.

Private message me now to have a ‘UNLOCK PROSPERITY’ session.

In that consult, we will figure out

1.What you want

2. What is stopping you

3. How to overcome the holdbacks


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