What if you knew something that could help people?  How could you put it out in the world and invite them to buy it.  Here is a quick product creation post that I hope helps you start to turn what you know into wealth.

Firstly, decide what problem you want to solve

and the kind of people who would be interested in learning about it from you.  What ‘niche’ do they fall under?  And what kind of things do they think that they want to hear about?

Does your thing fit into that?  No, this does not mean you reduce what you have to fulfil the whims of your prospects but you must be able to communicate the fact that what you have will help them deal with a specific issue.  Can you do that?

For your own sanity, create products that can directly link to the KNOWN problem of someone out there.  It is tough to convince people they want something that they do not realise they need.  In fact, that makes it an uphill battle.  You are always better off starting from where they think they are and building a bridge to what you have.

So, do the research and figure out how to position what you have in a way that causes people to want to buy it from you.  Keep it simple and keep it to ONE issue.  Remember you can always create another product that deals with the next issue but be as specific as possible for each product you choose to put out in the world.  That way, when people see the title of it, they know that it is what they want or they don’t.

Expect a lot of trial and error in this phase so don’t let it stop you from beginning.

OK, so now you have your subject.

How do you want to do it?

An audio MP3, a video, a pdf?

What takes your fancy from these most common three?

For simplicity, pick one of them unless you have a burning desire to do something else.

Start brainstorming everything you know about the subject.  Maybe, you need to do some more research, do it and break down everything you want to teach people.  Create something of a matrix of all the information you want to teach and put it in some kind of an order.  Remember, the key here is to know more about the subject than someone else and also to have a heart to help them.

Perfection is not required here.

Who are your people?

Who needs what you have and where are they?

You need to know this.  Stop trying to get everyone to your website to buy your thing and instead, just try to get the attention of the relevant people.  How can you get in front of these people?  Do you need to write blogs and share it to the places where they are?  Do you need to become active in certain online forums or even offline meet ups or networking groups?

Give it time!  Do not expect that people will come in their droves from day one so start immediately to gather an audience of people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Start putting your product together.

Don’t wait for the product to be finished before you start doign the step above which is finding where people are and how you can get their attention.  You can even leave this step until you have got people who have put their money down before you actually create the product.  this way, you only create a product that people actually want.

these are the simple steps to get your product out into the world but of course, each of these steps take some doing to make sure you get the result you want.  Please do realise as I have stated before that it sometimes takes time to build the trust that you need for people to buy from you so I cannot empahsize enough just how important it is to  build relationships and your audience.  I personally like using Facebook as my audience builder and then invite the willing to join my mailing list.  But even for me, of the huge number on my Facebook page, not all of them are buyers and they may never ever be but that is okay, I don’t expect everyone to buy form me.  I expect to serve everyone and some will decide to take the next step.

And that is OKAY to me.

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