Two Key Things To Do When A Prospect Is Indecisive About Becoming A Paying Client

By July 14, 2015February 27th, 2017Abundance & Wealth, Entrepreneur

You know how it goes…

You have pulled out all the stops and you think the business is definitely in the bag and then just at the last moment, just as you are ready to collect the payment…

You can smell it in your bank account and already you are making plans for what to do with it and all of a sudden, they pull out an objection.

Aaargh… you thought you handled it all and you thought they were a sure thing. It was going so well and they were responding to you and then they go and do THAT!

Seriously! How very annoying!

And yet, what is the plan here? To keep pushing them oer the line or to let them go, knowing that despite their assurances that they will definitely call you back…

Despite the fact that they got incredible value from spending the time with you…

You just know they will go back into their normal life and they will forget and start to wonder why they ever thought it was a good idea to work with you anyway.

It is probably the reaons that they do need to work with you but there is no telling them that… They will think you are desperate.

So, you let them go!

Really, REALLY?!

After all that effort to get them there in the first place, you LET THEM GO!

OK, OK, calm down…

I don’t mean you need to keep them trapped in a room with you somewhere until they agree to put the money down but I do think you need to do one of two things…


  1. Before you get on the phone with people, make a list of possible objections that your person is likely to make.If you have been doing this for any length of time, you know there are regular ones that show up time and time again so come into the conversation prepared to help them see how you can support them. Remember you are the coach here and you may need to coach them into getting the support you know they need.Do not shy away from doing that. Have their best interests at heart and keep the conversation going long enough to really hear what their concerns are about.
  2. If that does not work or you feel it would not be good to carry on the conversation, then make sure you arrange a follow up time. Do not leave it open. Put it in your calendar and get their agreement to call you at the said time. And make it a short period of time so there is no endless thinking about things.If they do not call you in the designated five minute window, then call or email to follow up as agreed.

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