The Incredible Power Within You…

By September 6, 2014September 27th, 2014Business, Entrepreneur, Personal Growth, Self Development

Incredible PowerYou feel the pressure in your chest, you feel it and yet you cannot define it. You want sooo much and yet, nothing is happening at the speed you would like.

The pressure in your chest increases. You start to see pictures of what will happen when you have to return to work, you have to go back into living a life that you really do not want to live. And it freaks you out.

People around you do not get you, they do not get why you cannot live like everyone else – They do not understand the pressure in your chest.

People around you think you should just settle down and enjoy this life that looks ok on the outside – Again they do not get the pressure in your chest.

People around you think you are just too proud, that you are driven by ego – AGAIN, they do not understand the pressure in your chest.

No one gets that, deep inside, you are driven by a force you cannot even describe. You just KNOW that there is more to you than meets the eye. You have tried so hard to live like they live but it JUST. DOES. NOT. FIT. YOU!

You almost wish it did fit you because

  • then you could stay in bed and sleep as long as you liked without feeling you should be doing something.
  • you could just watch lots of TV without feeling you are wasting time
  • you could just do what all the other parents do with their kids without feeling like you need more AND feeling guilty on top of that
  • you could just be passive and take each day as it comes instead of quietly feeling desperate.

But, no matter how much you wish this, it is not your path.

You are called to greatness, there is truly incredible power within you and the sooner you recognize and start living it out, the better for you and for those around you.

Be the warrior that you are! Step into the incredible power that lives within – Lean into it even when it feels scary and you want to run away from your inner calling.

Lean into it even when the immediate results do not seem to match up to your expectations.

Lean into it even when it feels like you are failing – You are not failing! You just have not found your people yet.

Just #KeepMovingForward and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

The regular, normal life is not for you – Let that go and lean in to the person that you are.

There really is incredible power within you.

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