How To Increase Traffic To Website Using Twitter

By August 22, 2015September 14th, 2019Entrepreneur, Marketing

increase traffic to website

Twitter is a great place to increase traffic to website taking a look at your offers. And it has been around for long enough to be an established part of the social media scenery.

I cannot claim to be an expert at this but I know what works for me in my business so let me talk you through the things that I consider to be important when working on Twitter.

1. Decide whether your people are actually on Twitter

There is no point popping over to start getting great at Twitter when you are not even sure that your people are on the platform. Find out from your current clients or customers whether they use Twitter or not.

To be fair, it is a very popular platform so it is very possible that most types of people can be found on his platform but please do not take it for granted.

2. Get into the habit of following and engaging with people

One of the huge mistakes I have made is automatically sending my Facebook posts to Twitter. I always see the difference in engagement when I do that. Because most of the tweets then turn up on Twitter with the Facebook link, I find that most of those tweets are not engaged with by my followers.

So, instead of making that mistake, if you choose to create a following on Twitter, install the app on your smartphone and get into the habit of spending about 5 minutes an hour, following people that seem to fit your brand, replying to their tweets and retweeting things that seem appropriate. The more you do this, the more you will find that people return the favour.

Be a real person and act like you would with people you can see. DO not just churn out sales tweet after lead generation tweet, that is plain boring and please do not be that person that auto-responds when someone follows you. I dislike that immensely! Instead take the time to get to know people a little and engage with them deliberately.

3. Use Hashtags

You can use something like ritetag to get information about what tags are working. You can also follow the trends on Twitter which are usually listed on your front page. When you see a trend that is appropriate to your brand, you can send through an actual tweet with the hashtag on it to get more attention.

Investigate what hashtags are being used by the heavy-hitters in your industry and consider using those too in your twitter marketing. Make a list and keep it handy on your smartphone so you can use appropriate ones. I would suggest you try to do that in most tweets so that you are found for the key phrases that are relevant to your brand.

4. Tweet Consistently

To really build momentum with this, get in the habit of tweeting very regularly. If you are unable to monitor it during the day, you can use an automated solution like hootsuite, sproutsocial, post planner or meet edgar. These will enable you to schedule posts for the whole day in one sitting. Please do not get into the habit of doing all your tweets weeks in advance – It feels stale.

However, do not be afraid to tweet at least once an hour in the time that your prospects will be online because Twitter posts disappear so quickly. NO, you are not bombarding them. Most people will not even see most of your tweets so give yourself the best chance of getting the attention of your prospect by tweeting as regularly as you can.

5. Re-tweet old blog posts

Don’t let your old articles disappear by automatically setting them up to be tweeted regularly. For this, I use meetedgar because I can upload my whole feed to the application and it runs through it one by one and will continue to do that indefinitely. Yep, I do like meet edgar – Only just discovered it but so far so good.


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