I used to be someone who cared too much about the opinions of others when it came to getting things done.  And that caused me to be passive.

When I did show up fully as myself, I scared people because they thought I was too much and I even started to think that I was too much and so I toned and toned and toned myself down until I read a book by the awesome Kat Loterzo and it gave me full permission to stop with the toning down and start with the ramping up.

And then I discovered more stuff by Sean Mize as well and that

In truth, it was just a case of unleashing the real me on the world and I am certain there is more to unleash yet!

This is the thing – I fully believe that you can do whatever you put your mind to, the question is always ‘WILL YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO IT?  I certainly hope so because the world is truly awaiting your awakening – There is something you are specifically called to do that no one else can do like you can.


Yes?  OK, lets talk then…

1. No more wasting time over thinking

How long did you spend yesterday is procratinating by over thinking everything instead of just taking action?  The overthinking does not help.  It does not make you clearer or more certain.  If anything, it makes you more likely to think yourself out of every good idea you may ever come up with.  Give it up.

ACTION:  Get into the ‘Have An Idea, Act On Idea’ mode.  MOVE!

2. No More Waiting On Inspiration

Inspiration can sometimes come while you are sittin on the fence but if you persist in waiting for it there, you will find a dry well soon enough.  Instead, force yourself into action and then watch inspiration meet you on the path.  Sometimes, it does not but you still get a quiet sense of accomplishment when you do the work anyway!

3. No More Blaming Anyone or Anything Else

There is a tendency of ‘norms’ to think that the negative things that happen to them are a result of circumstances beyond their control.  At times, it is true that the event is not something you have a say over but that just leaves you powerless – You can choose to react differently and figure out how you can take a different action and get a better result.  IF you keep waiting for someone or something to get better before you move, you will find yourself stuck and trapped in place.

To be more productive, you have to MOVE!

4. Believe in Yourself

A sense of self-doubt will always stifle your forward action.  Choose instead to believe in yourself, believe that you can take more action, believe that you have something to offer the world and then get into action, knowing that it is true.

5. Don’t be afraid of mistakes

Mistakes are a part of growth.  It just happens!  No point trying to avoid them all the time.  That gets you NOWHERE!  Accept that you will make mistakes and also that they are the path to growth and expansion and no longer allow fear of mistakes to stop you in your tracks.


6. Celebrate The Little Wins On The Journey

Sometimes, the pathway to your big dream is fraught with drama and tension – Will I get there?  Am I deluded?  And so on.  Instead of just trying to keep being productive until you get to the big goal, choose to also mark out little wins on the road.  Little wins that you have control over – Did you write the tenth blog post?  Woohoo!  Did you do the 2nd strategy session?  Wahey!  See every step as a stepping stone to your big vision and keep moving forward.

7. Keep Your Focus On The Big Vision

As you celebrate the little wins on your journey, also do not lose sight of the big idea, the big goal.  Write it out regularly and let it keep you excited and enthusiastic about the work you do on a daily basis.

Tie everything you do to the big dream so that it all feels worthwhile.  Imagine you are still in a job you do not really like, you can connect it to the big idea of your business because the money you get from the job enables you to start investing in your big dream so instead of seeing the job as soul-destroying.  You can instead see it as part of the journey!  Anything you have to do can be linked to the big idea and brought to life as a result.

8. Stop saying ‘YES’ to everything

Remember ‘NO’ is a perfectly good response if a request does not match up to what you want to create in your life.  INstead of lunging straight for the ‘yes’, start giving yourself a breather to think through what you really want!

Which of these do you think will help you the most?  Do put the number in the comments below…

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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