How Do I increase my email subscribers?

How Can I double The Number of Email Subscribers

There are so many different ways to increase your email subscribers and all you need to do is keep moving forward with at least one of these strategies.

The thing to realize is that just because there are twenty million strategies does not mean you have to take part in all of them. You always must choose something that works for you and choose to get better at one or two strategies at a time and keep ploughing away at it until it becomes your forte before you go off and start trying another strategy.

The more strategies you implement, the more distracted you get so focus your energies on getting better at certain things and only then do you add something else to the mix.

OK, here are a few things to think about

1. Offline strategies

You can choose to use things like leaflets, flyers to get people onto your email mailing list. IN this day and age, with a lot of people using internet strategies to get propect’s attention, you may find that the offline world is not as crowded as it used to be. Yes, online strategies seem more convenient and can be cheaper at times (not all the time, think of how much you wasted on Facebook Ads last week!) but getting in front of people right there in their homes can be pretty powerful.

When I started my property investment and management business, I built my email subscribers with leaflets – That is how I found my deals and so it was very profitable for me. Time consuming at first, when I tried to do the leaflet-ing myself with my princesses but then I outsourced it to trusted people and that made a huge difference.

Something else you can try and that gives great results is direct mail. You can use buy a mailing list from places on the web or by speaking directly (recommended) to a list broker. Tell them what you want and let them do the work to locate the list, then get to work creating a 3 part campaign inviting people to join your list online or call you. Get clear on the kind of people you want to get in front of and you will be surprised about how precise a mailing list can be.

Remember to get their permission before adding them to a list.  There is a fine line between spamming people and legitimately, asking them to join your list.

The great thing about the mailing list is that you can also add them to your audiences on Facebook and advertise to them that way. As far as I am aware, this is a legitimate way of doing things in order to invite them to join your mailing list.


2. Use Banner Ads

What websites do your people frequent? Yes, let’s go back online. Although this can work in a newspaper or trade journal or magazine as well.

Take a look at the places where your people frequent and see if they offer advertising space to people like yourself to reach their audience. You can buy space in these online and offline publications. You may be surprised at the rates available once you start to make contact with the right people.

You can use places like Buy/sell ads to locate potential blogs and websites to advertise on and you can view the rates there. In newspapers, magazines, trade journals, the advertising rates are usually plastered somewhere within the publication or check on their websites. Make sure you get a good idea of circulation and write appropriate copy to get the best results. Also, try never to accept the rate they tell you at first and do not get suckered into buying a large amount of space without testing a small spot first.

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