I know you want the miracle button, the thing that will definitely DEFINITELY work and work really fast…

I know you want to KNOW the hidden secret that you believe all the successful ones are keeping from you

I know you want the trick, the manoeuvre, the quick move that will make your business take off in one second flat

And yet, the ‘secret’ is obvious – JUST KEEP GOING, testing and tweaking as you go.

And as simple & easy as it sounds, it will be the hardest thing you will ever do

You will get emotional and you will think your emotions are logical

You will act on fear and doubt and you will tell yourself that it is sensible

And if you continue allowing the nonsense, noise and drama within you to hold the reins of your life, you will quit and tell yourself that you tried everything but nothing worked for you.

It will be a lie but you will probably have people around you who got uncomfortable with you trying to leave them behind, telling you that OF COURSE, you gave it everything and you could not be expected to do any more than that.

And you will want to believe them because the tension was soooo high at times, it felt like hell at times and it truly did feel impossible at times…

But you will know, deep down, that you quit.

And if you are anything like I used to be, you will be back again in a years’ time or 5, wishing that you had just stayed the course and having to start from scratch again or you will be like most quietly desperate people who just give up and drown their self-disappointment in food, drink, drugs, many visits to the doctor with various ailments that no one can figure out, many visits to the therapist or pastor or overactivity at church or whatever distraction you decide to bury yourself in.

Instead, do yourself a favour…

Just keep putting one foot in front of the other

Just keep taking the next step

And though you may feel annoyed with the Divine for not rescuing you already, lean in ANYWAY and let yourself be loved and supported.

Keep getting in front of your target audience

Keep making an invitation to come work with you

Keep increasing the people you speak to about your offering each day

Keep loving yourself even when it feels like you have no freaking clue what the heck you are doing

Keep believing in yourself and your message and the difference you are here to make on the planet

Keep showing up for the life you have decided to create

Keep affirming the fact that there is more than enough money available to everyone, including YOU!

Keep expanding your wealth consciousness

Keep journalling out your angst and keep letting it go as you KEEP TAKING THE NEXT STEP.

And trust.

In the end, the winners are the ones who remained on the playing field, everyone else gave up and left.

Will you be a winner?

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