Improve Your Outlook and Performance with One Simple Idea.

By January 6, 2014November 6th, 2014Business, Entrepreneur, Self Development

It is the first Monday of the new year and in the Knight Household, life is returning to normal with Tloml back at work and the kiddies back at  home education.  Today, I want to give you one tip that if you incorporate into life will seriously impact your performance in business, it will impact your outlook on life and you will look at your relationships differently.

This tip is something people ignore and it is one of those simple things that you might read through and also discard as unimportant as it seems completely irrelevant to your life and you cannot see how it will make a change to you.

I must encourage you not to do that!

Do you agree that your mood and your level of optimism have an impact on your business and performance?  How can you not?  If you are self employed or a small business owner, or maybe you have been thinking about joining these ranks for a while now, You must know that you are the face of your business.  Whatever impacts you, WILL impact your business.  You know that, right?

So what is one sure fire way to improve your mood and your outlook?


Yes, gratitude.  Simple concept and yet it makes a whole lot of difference.

Let me give you one practical way to include gratitude in your life on a daily basis.  Each morning, make a choice to wake up early enough to spend FIVE minutes writing down three things you are grateful for and one reason you are grateful for each.

For example this morning I wrote

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This exercise can encompass any aspect of your life.

Try doing it every day for a month and come back and tell me how you feel about life, about your business.  I guarantee that little by little you will start to see improvements in the choices you make, the way you see things and your vision for the future.

A thankful person is a hopeful person and the person with the most hope, leads in every area of Business and Life.

Have a Great Day! It is the beginning of the year, new resolutions are made and broken but have you decided that this is the year you flourish in Business and life then you need to do something different, right? So get in touch with me now and request a Breakthrough Session.

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