Can I get More Customers if I improve email marketing? 5 Tips to resonate better with prospects

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Improve Email Marketing

As you may have heard, the money is in the list and yet, even though you have spent a great deal of time and money to build a mailing list, you do not seem to be getting the results all the gurus claim is possible.

Email marketing, at the moment, is just not working for you. You are sending out the emails and getting no results. You are just not sure what is causing the problem. Here are a few ideas to get your email marketing campaign working now.

1. Do you know what your people want?

Have you taken the time to understand what your prospects want? Depending on where you got the subscribers for, they may not want what you think they do and so you may be sending them offers and emails that are just not relevant to them. When last did you ask the question of your prospects – What do you want?Take an email of a few to ask your prospects what they want and do not ignore it. Pay attention to the words they use and create information that informs, inspires and entertains them.

2. Take a look at your old emails

Go through your old emails and figure out which ones have better open rates and click through rates and start now to piece a new email campaign together based around that.Is there any rhyme or reason to those emails? Is there a commonality to pay attention to, as you continue to build your email campaign? Read it again with fresh eyes and figure out what caused people to react. If you can pick out the things that your prospects are interested in, it can help you create new emails for your email marketing campaign. You may find that these work better for you.

3. Your headlines

One of the biggest problems with most email campaigns is the fact that no one wants to open your emails because the subject lines does not pique their interest. Get good at writing headlines that make people curious about the content of the email.Subject lines are a learned art so do not beat yourself up but watch out for headlines that grab your attention in your email inbox and get analytical about it. Ask yourself “What about this email headline grabbed my attention?” and “How can I use it to my advantage?”

Then, use that to improve your email marketing campaign.

4. Make it personal

When you piece together your emails each time, make sure that you have one person in mind. Make sure you are directing your emails to one specific person on your list. Be personal, not general. General does not get great results at all. Your prospects will feel as though you are mass-spamming them and so they do not respond. If anything, they do respond with an ‘unsubscribe’ which can be pretty disheartening.

5. Polarise

As a follow up to my last point, unsubscribes are not necessarily a bad thing. Your emails should also polarize people. You may have picked people up who are not interested in what you have to offer. They may have been curious about you and joined your list to find out more but they never had any intention to buy.So, make sure you are clear in your emails about what you stand for and what you stand against. Let your people stick around and let the others leave.

Take each of these tips and apply them to improve email marketing in your business.  Emails are one of those things that it pays to get better at as they are low cost and you can get feedback pretty quickly.

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