I see you going around thinking that unless you are perfect in all of your ways then you do not have the right to win.

And it is just a silly excuse!

A silly crazy excuse that keeps you from even giving your dream and vision a great big go!

You can tell yourself that you made a mistake, you can tell yourself that no one wants to be led by or even buy from someone as imperfect as you and you would be adding mistakes upon the original mistake!

You are born to lead and you know it and honey, you will feel most attacked in this area of leadership – Everything will be a good reason to not lead and you will even justify the nonsense by telling yourself that someone like you with all your flaws is not allowed to help others.

And if you keep doing that then you will go to the grave with your potential still in you because honey, you will never be perfect.

You will make mistakes…

You will make the wrong decisions sometimes…

You will fall off the narrow path sometimes…

The question is how quickly will you get back up again and carry right on?!

Yep, there are consequences of choices made and you may see those as punishments but they are not, they are just what follows when you take a certain action.  And in the moment of realisation of these consequences, you then get to choose what you do next.

Recognise that everything is still working out for your good and dust yourself off, express gratitude that though you made a mistake, you are still who you are (LEADER) and then just keep moving forward


tell yourself that you are now eliminated from the journey and that no one needs to hear what is on your heart to share. You are sinner and therefore you deserve to be punished etc etc

The unfortunate truth is that many leaders choose the second pathway and they even tell themselves that it is right that they feel this way and that they must eliminate themselves from the race.  And this goes for small insignificant ‘sins’ as well as big ones.

And while they indulge their silliness, their people are not being led.

The message stays trapped inside of them and no one wins!

They feel worse and worse and worse knowing that they are not doing the work they are here to do and so they get even more lost and they try to drown out the pain of unrealised dreams and potential with various addictions – Food, sex, drink, entertainment, spending splurges, continual internal beating themselves up for their various failings.

And ultimately, their people never get served.

Such a waste of a life and all because of the expectation that leader must be perfect.

I am not perfect – NOPE, I am not.  I woke up this morning guilty about some crime I had committed last night – OK, I had indulged in a whole pack of some sugary sweets even though I had promised myself not to and I ended up feeling quite sick.  And this morning I felt pretty silly about it and yes, because of what I feel called to do, I felt imperfect.

I felt like I had done you all a disservice…

And then I whipped out my journal as I do and here is what Spirit said to me and to you

“You are imperfect leader and that is okay.  Do not take yourself out of the race because of that.  You make mistakes and that is okay.  Dare to stay on track anyway.  Dare to forgive yourself and show up anyway.  The guilt, the shame – It does not matter unless you make it matter.  Remember who you are”

And then I went on to write down who I was, as I do every morning.

You can do that as well, right now.

Write down who you choose to be – Not who you are because of a few mistakes made – WHO YOU CHOOSE TO BE!

Remind yourself that you are co-creator of your life experience and you get to design your life the way you want it, regardless of a few mistakes along the path.

Learn the lesson, forget the blips and look at the big picture.

You are called

You are born for more

You are champion!

And nothing can take your destiny away from you UNLESS YOU LET IT!

Simply don’t!

Wake up and be an imperfect leader, and keep overcoming mistakes, keep expanding who you are, keep showing up whilst doing all this.

And forgive yourself for whatever wrongs you feel you have fallen foul of.

Breathe out the guilt and shame

Breathe in love

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live

Because you want to!

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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