Your Imagination is Valuable – Are you making the most of it?


OK, so today I was meeting a client at a coffee shop (yes, Costa Coffee!) and when I arrived, he was looking at a newspaper – the dreaded newspaper.


Well, as it is designed to do, the headline grabbed my attention…




Yep, it grabbed me so I quickly glanced at it as my client went off to get me a hot chocolate – NICE!!!


Anyway, it was all about women, having womb transplants, using their mother’s wombs to carry babies to term and deliver them and the thing that struck me, especially after further investigation, was the fact that this incredible idea came right out of the mind of a person, just like you and I.


She was born to a mother like we were, she went to school somewhere or the other, like we did and then she possibly trained as a Doctor like anyone of us could do if we were that way inclined. And then…


She came up with an idea, like we could, that serves people in incredible ways.


Imagine being a woman born without a womb and wanting desperately to give birth to a child – Imagine how depressing it would have been to know that this could not happen for you but then, just as you have probably given up all hope that pregnancy and childbirth would ever happen, you hear of this breakthrough research.


This lady – Pernilla Dahm Kähler  – has plucked an idea right out of the ether to enable women everywhere to have kids even if they do not have a womb themselves.  Well, she and a lot of other people (doctors) came up with the idea.

I mean, seriously! Think about it.

I was reminded again of the power of human beings to create great ideas, if they would let themselves.


We have incredible resources within us and yet, time and time again, I see people using their potential for nothing at all or for nothing good.


We are not burdens on the planet, we are the saviours of the planet if we would live to our full potential. Inside of you are ideas just like this lady had. Will you dare to let them out?


They do not start so grand ( at least, not all the time!), they start little by little. You try something small, you succeed, you fail, who cares? You just do not give up.


You try something else and then little by little, you start to make incredible progress and then who knows who you could serve? Who knows what problems you could solve?

You may look at your business at something small.

You may look at yourself as someone small but you are not small!

You, Your Imagination is incredible – You were created that way and life may have made you feel small but it is not the truth.

The truth is, you have something amazing to give to the world and you must start now.

Remember, Create the life you want, stop living the one you don’t

And if you would like to know how to really break through and start to create exponential wealth in your life, then just send me a message and let’s set something up.

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