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You know that right?

You know that what you don’t know has the ability to keep you poor for the rest of your life. What you don’t know has the ability to keep you stuck living life in a way that makes you unhappy and yet, every time you get the opportunity to increase your knowledge, you come up with crazy excuses like ‘it costs too much!’


Are you actually measuring this or are you just talking off the top of your head?

For a very short time, I thought I could get away with finishing university and just stopping all learning.

I had had it up to ‘HERE’ with learning and I wanted it to be all over… or so I thought.

And then I realized I wanted to be the best in my field and in order to do that, I needed a few more bits of paper (certificates) to placate the powers that be. So I did a postgraduate diploma in Clinical Pharmacy and yes, it was tedious and took me 4 years instead of the 2 years it took other people (my excuse being that I had a baby in between!) but when it was done, I felt pretty darned great and a whole lot more knowledgeable and I went back to thinking never again.

Until I cottoned on to the fact that the problem was not education itself, the problem was that I kept trying to learn things that did not hold much interest to me.

I did not want to be a pharmacist forever so of course, I did not want to learn how to be the best pharmacist on the circuit.

What I wanted was to be a successful businesswoman and leader so why was I not investing in that?

Well, somehow, I had got it in my head that anyone can do that. I do not need support with that. I just need to buy low, sell high and then I would be successful.

Yes, that is the simple truth of business but why then was I not making it happen?

Why was I not getting the results I wanted?

Some of it was because I quit too early in the process and some of it was that I was not being held accountable and some of it was that I had absolutely no knowledge as to what to do first, then next, then next. I had no building blocks because it was way outside my circle of knowledge but like you, I thought I could not afford it.

I thought I could get by.

And I did get by.

I got by right back into pharmacy and then onto bankruptcy etc.

Yippee! What fun!

Ignorance is a lot more expensive than knowledge – that is for sure.

When I got serious, I got educated and it made a world of difference because I got exposed to people who had gone the way I wanted to go and I got to pick their brains and suddenly, I started to really see what was possible for me and it was a lot more than I had originally imagined.

But I did not stop at the barebones of an education, I had learnt that it was not enough to get the ‘what to do’, I also needed the ‘how to do it’ and the ‘WANT TO DO IT!’

I continued to work with coaches and in mastermind groups that cost a whole lot more than I was then making in my business and yes, I did get myself into debt doing it but to me, it was an investment.

An investment in my greatest asset – ME!

I am an investor at heart. I own properties that cashflow positive each and every month and I intend to keep increasing these because the money on this just keeps coming. Yes, upfront, it seems pretty expensive (although the truth is, the bank puts up most of the money) and then I keep getting a return on my investment over and over and over again.

And that is the way I see my investment in myself. My current business coach came at a very high price and I paid it because I knew the investment was in me. It was scary and it took some kahunas to come up with the money but I felt inspired to work with her and so I decided to come up with it somehow and it is paying off.

I am clearer about my business plan, my purpose in life…

I am continually increasing my client base…

My income keeps on growing…

And the knowledge I pick up from her will never ever stop being useful because I will keep using that information and I will continue to get richer.

And also, the accountability makes a huge difference as well.

Knowing that she is keeping an eye on me…

Being part of a mastermind of other forward-going entrepreneurs…

All of that keeps me on my toes. I cannot be the one that is not pulling my weight. I keep pushing forward and I no longer dabble.

So, warrior, if you are serious about building a business that gives you and your family a lifestyle you enjoy…

If you are serious about making a difference in the world…

If you are serious about getting rich…

Then you had better get an education and stop thinking ignorance is cheaper. It is not. It is a very expensive thing to waste your life staying stuck in place because you ‘do not know how’.

Step up, leader.

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