They beat the life out of you.

Your parents.

Your siblings.

Your teachers.

Your boss.

Your friends.

Your colleagues.

Your spiritual leaders.

The Politicians

Your Partner(s)

Everyone that you gave authority over your life, BEAT THE FREAKING LIFE out of you.

There you were, a glorious specimen of Godhood, come here on planet earth to revel in life in all its fullness and then day by day, moment by moment, others told you what to think, how to be, what to do.

They set up all these rules to enable you to be accepted, to belong, to be one of the chosen ones, to succeed

And you went along with it, EVEN when it made your heart sick.

You pushed down your own desires and decided to go along with theirs.

You stopped listening to the wailing scream of your heart as it longed to express itself fully through your desires but you decided that it was not civilised enough to allow those inner parts of you a voice.

And so you pushed it all down.

And now, you have all these lifeless rules that are supposed to make life work.

And I guess, life is working to a certain extent…

It looks like everyone else’s life, I guess.



A few happy moments here and there but overall, you have settled for so much less than what you KNOW you are meant for.

And you feel the restlessness within you and instead of looking at the source of it, you go trying to find random solutions that allow you to keep living to the lifeless rules.


Not you!

Oh dearie, you need to AWAKEN!

Awaken from this powerless state you are forced yourself into.

Awaken from this boring nonsense of a life that you tell yourself you must continue to live.

Go within yourself and rediscover your own desires.

Rediscover the life you truly want to live

Rediscover your powerful self: That TRUE DESIGN self that is more than capable of living intuitively, bravely and successfully, regardless of what happens in the physical reality.

Give yourself permission to let go of the ‘rules’

Honey, they are manmade.

A person like you MADE IT ALL UP so why the heck do you keep going along with it.

If you would trust yourself and your desires, rather than these random rules, You will find that life progresses faster and smoother and you would have a heckuva lot more fun.

AWAKEN to who you really are.

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Come and reawaken YOUR TRUE DESIGN Self

Come and let go of the pain and limiting beliefs of the past

Come and get clear on what it is that you are meant to create

Come and rise victorious as you step onto your true design path

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Much Amazing Love


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