If you want to make money, own something

Make money, Own something

Do you ever feel like a rabbit caught in the headlights of an oncoming train?


Wanting to duck, wanting to escape but all you can see is the speeding train heading towards you and you seem unable to move because where on earth are you going to move to?


Every path seems to be full of the same oncoming disaster waiting for you so you stay stuck, waiting, waiting, waiting for impact and wondering when this dreary existence will be over so you can actually start to have some fun?


This was not what you expected life would look like, was it?


When you were young and you had huge dreams of all the things you would do, all the places you would see, all the things you would experience… this particular form of boredom did not strike you as being possible for you.


And then life happened and you went with it. You got stuck doing boring stuff because it pays the bills and you think it makes you responsible. You have also allowed yourself to be convinced that this is the way the world works and you have forgotten what it feels like to be really alive, to be living by the seat of your pants.


You tell yourself that everyone has to do stuff they hate doing and they have to find a way to like it, but is that true? Do you really have to spend most of your day hating your work?


It is part of our make up to work – Work does give us a sense of purpose and mission and when people do not do anything with their time, they end up getting into all kinds of mischief (yes, I have some tenants like this and it is not pretty). We are created to find something useful to do. It is part of being a human being – We want to enjoy our work.


And yet, most people believe they cannot enjoy their work. You have allowed yourself to become one of these. You think you have to put up with whatever you have to put up with and so you stay trapped waiting for disaster to strike so that you can make the decision to up and leave. It is as though you cannot move unless you are moved. For some people, being made redundant or getting fired is the best thing that happens to them. For me, going bankrupt and getting pretty depressed seemed to shake me up a little so I actually took action on finding something more fulfilling to do with my time.


But do you really want to wait until disaster strikes before you do the thing you know your heart is waiting for you to do… really?


Do you really want to have trouble come hit you over the head before you move?


It does not have to be that way, you know. You can just recognize that this internal tension within you to do something different is not the enemy. You can just stop fighting to keep a life you do not even enjoy. You can wake up any moment now and decide to start something new, something more fulfilling, something more refreshing and something more YOU!


I know it is scary to step away from the norm and claim your own best future and there is a part of you that wants to stop being a diva and accept that life is boring at times. You want to figure out how to enjoy staying put…


But you do not have to.


You do not have to stay put and keep doing the same old, same old because it is safe. Safety seems cool at times but is that all you want?




This is the thing, if you want to be rich and to make a difference, then you have got to own something.


Whether it be property, a book, a business, you have to stake your claim and own something that is all yours to do with, whatever you will.


And you have to stop being so afraid…


So afraid that everything will come tumbling down around you if you step off the treadmill of a life you no longer enjoy.


Yes, I get it.


You do have responsibilities but so what?


Does that mean you sell your soul forever to those responsibilities.


I mean even your kids that you keep using as an excuse are going to grow up one day and despise the fact that you have stayed trapped in a situation you do not like. They are going to want to find a different way to live having had to put up with the feeling that they were a burden to you.


After all, if not for them, you would be doing whatever you wanted to do, right?


I know you do not actually think they are a burden but they get the vibe and they will grow up to think that you got trapped because of them. Is that the legacy you want to leave behind you?


Do you really want to keep using ‘responsibilities’ as a reason not to figure out how to live a life and make money in a way that suits you.


Aaaargh!! Don’t you want to break free at times?


Don’t you get fed up of this weird way of doing life?


Don’t you want to step up and be the leader you know you are born to be?


Is this it?


Are you going to remain that trapped rabbit waiting for disaster?


Right now, you can start to build something that is all yours. You can start to own something – That book you have been dreaming about writing, why not now?


Those properties you have been thinking about acquiring, why not now?


That business you have been thinking about starting, why not now?


All that travel you wanted to do ONE DAY, why not now?


Just get a move on and do something new. Do something different.


Fulfill the dreams in your heart and stop getting in your own way.


It is boring to watch and I imagine a whole lot more boring to live.


Just stop it.


Fight for, create the life & business you want.


Kind regards



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Lets do it!

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