If you want to live a wealthy life & grow a profitable business, you have to get on with it

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Live WealthyAre you struggling to create the life, the business you want? Are you confused, uncertain, unsure that it is even possible?

I used to live like that too so I remember the feeling well.

And now, every day I get up and I start my day…

A little bit groggy, a little bit wishing I was someone ‘normal’ who stayed in bed until 7am, a little bit super – excited that I get a reset on yesterday.

And my time for beginning gets earlier and earlier because it feels like I am trying to catch up on all the time I spent wasting time, thinking I was incapable, thinking I could not make things happen, thinking I needed someone’s permission to be all that I already knew I was.

All those years spent pleasing the people in my life…

Looking for other people to please…

Wondering why I never felt at home in my own skin and finally, I realized that it was always because I was trying so hard to be someone other than me.

I have always dreamt really big but it always felt so unrealistic, so impossible, so out of reach and so I backed down time and time again waiting, waiting, waiting…

Waiting for what? I now do not know!

The voice from heaven had spoken already and given me my strengths, my gifts, my desires and I refused to do anything with them.

So tell me, where is this playing out for you?

When will you wake up and just get on with being whoever you want to be?

You read posts like this or maybe this is the first time you have heard it but honey, stop waiting and start getting a move on.

Life is passing you by and you are not taking the moments you have, to question why you feel so dissatisfied and why nothing seems to be working the way you want it to.

You keep facing trial upon trial and yet still you do nothing to move forward. What on earth are you waiting for?

Those dreams, those ideas, those goals will come but only, ONLY if you choose them.

Yes, I hear you tell me that you do not know what to do.

What I wonder is, if you are just scared to allow yourself to want what you want because deep down inside you don’t think you can have it.


But you have got to go get it.

Everything you need is already available to you so why not get it.

All the skills, experiences, know-how you need, is completely available to you. Some of it, you already know intuitively, some of it you have to choose to go find out.

But overall, there is hope for you and I don’t give a hoot what age you are.

How do you know that you are not going to go on to live until about 110 years old?

In this day and age, it is oh so possible so why would you stifle yourself? Why, honey, why?

Why not dare to live a life you absolutely adore?

Why not wake up feeling so alive and so excited and yes, there may be a little trepidation and some hard work but overall, you could just be super excited…

Why not?

Here’s one big reason people give me and one I used myself for years and years…

What will my family think?

They need me to do this, they need me to do that or maybe it is the other thing….

So what if I feel out of place?

I have to lay my life down, right?

It is the right thing to do, right?

And I say, wrong!

You are responsible for no one except maybe your young children and even then, don’t make them your excuse.

Make them your reason to be all you can be!

Right now, whip out that journal and start writing…

Get a blank piece of paper and begin to write….

1. What I no longer want in my life

Sit there and imagine it all gone.   Imagine removing one thing at a time from your life little by little until all you are left with are the things you want to do.

2. Write down what you do want

Again, little by little, make it so. Little by little, add things to your day that you really want to do or dare to go all out, and add it ALL NOW.

Hey, you might have that option.

The kids are grown and it is just you and the partner but who made you responsible for him or her anyway? Tell them what you want and maybe, just maybe, they have been waiting for you to wake up too.

Today could be the day that you do it. Why not?

3. Stop dithering, doubting and delaying, GET ON WITH IT

Start something, anything, commit to yourself that you will settle for nothing less than fulfillment in all areas and frankly, why not have a whole lot of money to go with it?

Stop being such a ‘stuck in the mud’ person. Wake up and live.


Do not join the ranks of people who are on the earth for the blink of an eye and leave no legacy behind. They stayed trapped in their fears and worries for so long that they died before they realized they could have lived.

Such a waste.

Please do not let that be your story.

You are an intricate piece of the jigsaw of this planet – You have a unique role to play and attempt to fill the gaps left by those who never woke up.

For the sake of everyone and mostly, FOR YOURSELF…


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