“In South Africa, they dig for diamonds. Tons of earth are moved to find a little pebble not as large as a little fingernail. The miners are looking for the diamonds, not the dirt. They are willing to lift all the dirt in order to find the jewels. In daily life, people forget this principle and become pessimists because there is more dirt than diamonds. When trouble comes, don’t be frightened by the negatives. Look for the positives and dig them out. They are so valuable it doesn’t matter if you have to handle tons of dirt.”

David Seabury

I love this quote.

It is a reminder to stay on the path…

A reminder that things do not always work the way you want them to…

A reminder that despite that, there are gems to be found…

And you only find them by continuing to look.

Most ‘norms’ fall off the wagon by the first ton of dirt but I choose to stay standing.

You must choose to stay standing as well, to stay in the game, to keep moving forward regardless of the craziness all around you.

The fear is an illusion, it tells you that you will never get there…

It tells you to give up and enjoy life as it is…

It even tells you to be proud of the dirt you have dug up.  After all, you stayed in the race a little longer than others, you have shifted more dirt and you possibly even found a few diamonds.

And so you stay in place, telling us your stories of triumph in yesteryear…

But we notice there are no new stories…

You are still revelling in the dirt of yesterday…

You have lost the courage to keep sifting through the dirt to keep looking for the diamonds…

You have listened to the fear tell you that there is an expiration date on your dreams and so you settle for whatever you can get while holding onto your old stories…

This is not the life you are created to live and it is uncomfortable when you take a moment to look at it…

But you don’t look for long, do you?

You quickly retreat back behind all the excuses about your responsibilities, the people who depend on you, the fact that you have done more than most.

But honey, there is nowhere to hide?

You are too powerful for that…

So, you can try to numb yourself with your old stories, with a little too much food, a little too much drink, a little too much television and game playing, some ill-fated sexual encounters, an excessive obsession with your children, an excessive amount of exercise or whatever your numbing pill of choice is.

And all so you can drown out the little voice telling you that there is yet more to do…

And it will not work…

And Thank God for that! Imagine it did work and this was all your life could ever be about…

(Unfortunately, some will force it to work and die with their music still in them, comforting themselves with a story of how they sacrificed themselves for others)

But not you!

NOT YOU!  You are called to much more than this.

And it is time to step up…

It is time to be the leader you are created to be…

You have done some stuff, great!

Now it is time to do more, to be more and to create more.


And you read this and my many other epistles and you know that I speak to you.

Will today be the day that you step up?

Or will you retreat again to your excuses!

Are you not tired of those yet?

Another year has gone by and still you dawdle – WAKE UP!

The world awaits you!

And I am ready to walk alongside you, spurring you on, calling you back to the path, opening your eyes to the limitless possibilities within you.


Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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