Yes, I suppose you could get down on your knees and pray and pray and pray…

Beg God for help, do a little fast every week…

Read through your holy book and increase your faith by looking up to the heavens…

Check for every little sin you can think of and ask for forgiveness…


And guess what?

You will get absolutely NOWHERE fast.

Not because you are evil and need to dig deeper for the even more hidden reason that you are not yet living the life you desire and the life some person gave you a prophetic word about…

Not because God is withholding anything from you…

Not because you have yet to pray that particular prayer of faith that will tip everything your way…

But because you have simply not done the work!

The real work of promoting yourself and your business on a consistent, daily basis without all the drama and over-spiritualization of what really is a very straightforward pathway.

It is not that I am against all the stuff I mentioned above but honey, if you think that that alone is going to work to get you a result then you are having a laugh!

A huge, BIG laugh at YOUR OWN expense.

Don’t you yet see that everything you need has already been given you?!

Don’t you see that you have the power to make your dreams come true?

You have the brains so think about your next move, put a strategy in place then DO IT!

You have energy so take action & do the work consistently!

You have God on your side so thank Him for that, not beg and plead for what He has already given you!

The only real thing you are lacking is the courage and daring of a champion!  A champion-fighter who does not look for handouts and instead decides with clarity what they want to make happen and does the work to make it so…

That is all you lack at the moment and honey, you can step into courage right now, if you wish.  You can, right this MINUTE, step up to the plate and start getting the results you want!

There is absolutely no need to wait for another word from the heavens…

There is absolutely no need to wait until you feel inspired…

There is ABSOLUTELY no need to wait for permission from any person…

Right now, you can start doing the work to get the result you want.

It is that simple!

If you want the reward of success and wealth and impact, then the pathway really is simple – YOU DO THE WORK!

Everyday, you increase your audience – Put the making of a mailing list in place – Make it automated!

Everyday, you tell people what you are about – Go networking, write blogs, do videos, use Pay-per-click and so many other options – send peeps to join your mailing list

Everyday, you offer something for sale – Whether you are a not-for-profit, or a completely for profit, you have got to tell people the next step with you. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY in every possible way or else, no one will move and honey, I don’t care how awesome you think your thing is, or even how free it is – If you expect people to move without you telling them what to do, then you are highly mistaken!

That is it!

Do these things every single day and see what starts to happen for you and your business!

Please, stop deceiving yourself that you are doing the work when really, all you are doing is waiting for some voice from the heaven to tell you to go…

Stop getting jealous of all those seemingly unworthy people who are making waves because honey, THEY ARE DOING THE WORK and you are just praying about it!

There are no favourites!

There are just those who play the game of life well and then there are those who look on and wish for everything to fall in their laps…

Which one are you?

I speak this harshly because I KNOW you have something awesome to offer the world and you are letting your crazy ideas get in the way of you getting out into the world and telling people about it!


The world awaits your awakening!

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Much Amazing Love 

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