You are holding on too tight, love…

Holding on to the familiar while dreaming about the unfamiliar

You cannot get to ‘there’ by remaining caught up in ‘here’

You are going to have to let go

And yes, it will be scary

It will seem foolish and deluded

Some people will even tell you that you are being stupid and deluded

And you will have to make a choice



Repeat the same old stuff for ever until you die

Why do so many people expect life to change when they are unwilling to let the old life go?

We want change but we do not want TO change

It is crazy

And this is the real delusion (That change can come by staying the same)

But it is also the norm for most people

They talk about their dreams and visions and expectations of life

But then they stay in a life that feels less than extraordinary

They stay in an average existence because it is the done thing

The nice thing

the sensible thing

And their dreams are just that – DREAMS

And so they dabble at business

They dabble at doing anything other than what they are currently doing and wonder why year upon year, NOTHING Changes

Do not be these people


Be the one who wins

Be the one who makes at least $5k online even though it seemed impossible when you began

Be the one who has a lot of love in your life

Be the one who is healthier with age, rather than older and more decrepit

Be the one who has more and more money coming in and does not have to downsize when they are older

Be the one who loves their work so much that they do not even consider retirement because it is way too much fun

Get the life you desire

Stop settling for the one you don’t just because it is familiar


Be ALL you can be, my love

You are the one with all the choices

The Divine will not force you

You have the dream because it is yours to create

so freaking create it, will ya?

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Much Amazing Love

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