You are waiting for everything to line up and it never will

Because it is waiting for you TO LINE IT UP!

You are the creator, my love.

You are waiting to have more money and you never will

Because money is waiting for you to create it

You are the creator, my love.

You are waiting for some miracle to come save you but it will never come, no matter how hard you pray

Because the miracle is waiting on you to get on path and BE THE MIRACLE

You are the creator, my love.

You are waiting for the Divine to send even more signs but you have received them in the past and you are still waiting

So what is the point?

You still have to choose to MOVE.

If only you remembered your true design nature.

If only you remembered you are one with the Divine

If only you realised how powerful you can be, in connection to the Divine

If only you would stop waiting for more proof and instead, you just begin with what you have in hand, knowing that your every need and desire will be met when you actually get on path and decide that it MUST happen for you.


Everything you think you are waiting for, is waiting for you to remember that YOU ARE THE SOURCE.

You, living in connection with the Divine, are the source of every single thing you desire.

The Divine will not do it on your behalf

You have to choose to move.

Everything that you desire to be done with be done through YOU so you gotta get on path.

✅ You Need Your Confidence Back

✅ You Need to Remember Your True Identity

✅ You Need To DECIDE To Win

You are the creator, my love.

Will you PLEASE get to creating?

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Much Amazing Love

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