People Pleasing Behaviours

We went to see ‘Home’ yesterday – A new movie in the cinemas and yep, I fell asleep at least once because I am going through a pretty tired phase at the moment.

Burning the candle at both ends certainly ain’t good for me!

One great thing about this life that I lead is that I get to choose what it looks like (even though at times, I make silly choices…)

  • I can take the princesses to the cinema in the afternoon if I want.
  • I can stay awake all night if I want
  • I can design a business that suits my lifestyle any old way I like
  • I can go networking if I want
  • I can just choose not to go if I want (and I made that choice yesterday)

But this is the thing, if I listened to lots of people – family, friends, naysayers, fellow warriors, mentors, coaches – then they would tell me how they think I should do it.

And it just may not suit me…

Which does not mean I do not listen…

I am not so proud that I think I know it all. There are gems of amazing knowledge in some of the stuff people tell me, for sure…

However, this is the thing, the life I am designing is MY LIFE!

People may have opinions based on their own ideas about what is possible or not possible but in the end, I have to create MY LIFE!

And the moment I forget that it is MY LIFE I am creating here and start to follow along with the ideas of everyone else around me then I lose sight of what is important to me, I start creating a life that means more to other people than it does to me.

I also do not live a life of mission and purpose – So the whole idea of making a difference and a fortune gets lost in trying to do what ‘THEY” want

Am I telling you that becoming your own person is easy? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

We are all wired to want people to love and approve of us. And sometimes, that means we do things that make us feel small in order to get that approval.

For me, on the one hand, I’ve had a lifetime of being accused of selfishness, rebellion and I have felt a crazy amount of guilt and fear as I tried to hold on to who I am.

On the other hand, I have also tried to jump through hoops in order to feel significant, to be approved of, to climb the ‘ladder’ and all of that nonsensical stuff and always there was a quiet feeling of fear and anxiety that this was not what I was supposed to be doing.

But I went along with it because I kinda got some accolades even if it was nowhere near what I wanted and it gave me a feeling that I was important.

Until finally, I decided to just stop!

I decided I no longer wanted to feel guilty and I no longer wanted to wait for approval before I did anything.

So, I stepped away from that and started doing my own thing. I still need reminding at times but overall, my life is mostly my life and yep, that comes with its own consequences, which I have to be responsible for as there is now no one to blame.

So let me ask you, how much of what you do is done because you ACTUALLY WANT TO DO IT? Really?

And would you know if you were living your life just to please all the people in it? Could I ask you to come this evening for a FREE masterclass where I will tell you 20 of the ways you may be living a life of people pleasing and a few ways to combat it.

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Whether you are male, female, parent, non-parent, if you really do want to live a life of fulfilment and build a prosperous business then you need to get rid of these people pleasing behaviours once and for all.

How will you do it unless you are aware of it?

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