So, you want to feel happy but you are focused on how sad you currently feel…

So you want to make at least $5K online rapidly, doing what you want to do but you are putting all your focus into the offline job/business that pays less and does not fulfil you…

So you want a relationships that empowers you but you are focused on the one that doesn’t or didn’t (as you keep rehashing all the things THAT PERSON did wrong to you)…

Where is your focus, my love?

For whatever reason, we humans tend to focus on the things we do not want much more easily than focusing on the things we do want.

We tell ourselves that we are facing reality

But really, we are keeping the old stuff alive


It takes reprogramming and retraining the mind

And that is harder than just passively letting your mind stay stuck on what you do not want

Will you do it, anyway?

Will you guide your thoughts and feelings and focus to a more deliberately chosen place?

Don’t you understand yet that you are creating whatever you focus on?

If you could see the immediate results of your thinking and feeling and speaking and picturing, would you be more deliberate about the direction of your mind and imaginings and action?

I think you would be horrified if every time you focused on something, it immediately materialised but you would learn very quickly not to focus on what you don’t want, no matter how real it seemed, in the moment.

Or you would not and you would keep blaming your physical reality for all the problems in your life and things would just keep getting worse!

Spirit-Driven soul, we do not have the luxury of blaming external things for the reality we now face…


So, it is time to change your focus.

The change in your physical reality may not seem immediate but I presume you DO KNOW that you are moulding your life by your focus – that you DO realise that this is a faith walk

So focus on what you want until it does materialise – You know it is only a matter of time


Regardless of how real the unwanted aspects of your life seem.

You cannot shift levels with the same thinking that got you here

Bring out your journal

Write down how you want to feel

Write down what you want to create

Write down why it is important to you

Sit with those questions until a clear enough idea starts to emerge

And then begin to guide your thoughts and feelings and imaginings to that chosen state of being

Ignore your current one when it comes to having strong feelings

Be thankful for the experiences but let them go

And allow your new life to begin to form as you are no longer so focused on the old one!

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Much Amazing Love

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