I feel like this is the revelation of all revelations and yet, I think Jesus kinda said it before me but I allowed other people’s ideas of what it meant to cloud my vision so I feel as though I have had an epiphany.

There are just 2 things that need to happen in order for your life to work.

Just 2 things.

I have gotten so used to talking about the Deliberate Life and its 4 Cs  – Connection, Calling, Clarity Creation – and yet, it can even be simpler than that.

I want to yell it from the rooftops.

I want everyone to know.

And yet, I know some will hear me and still go about their regular business as though they have no choice but they do – YOU DO. Please do not read this and then disregard it as you get caught up in everyday craziness.

Dwell on it.

Make it yours.

See the reality of it.

Just 2 things.


Ok, so yes we can make it more complicated than these 2 things and as humans, we do try very hard to complicate our own lives and then blame external factors for it but please as I like to remind all those taking part in the simple 14 day prosperity miracle experiment, do not go all human on me.

Life can be this simple.

Inner peace





Financial abundance


Can be this simple

OK, what are the 2 things?

  1. Fall in love with the Divine
  2. Fall in love with yourself

The end.


Fall in love with the Divine

Fall in love with yourself.

That completes life.

Let’s start with talking about falling in love with you.

Most of your pain, (and most people are in pain though they have learnt to live with it and consider it normal adult life), comes from you not valuing yourself enough to say no to situations, people, things that you do not want in your life and to say YES to the things you do want.

You have convinced yourself that everyone else is somehow more important than you and you think that that makes you holy and nice and kind. You try not to notice the quiet resentment you are harbouring under the surface of your apparent loveliness.

You probably misinterpreted Jesus when he talked about loving one’s neighbour as oneself.  You interpreted that to mean that they were more important than you but honey if you do not love yourself then you cannot effectively love anyone else.  Everything you end up doing will be to get some need met from them.

You end up people pleasing because you hope it will keep you safe.  If people like you then surely, things will work out well for you but you still do not feel secure.

BECAUSE you do not love yourself and do not think you are worthy and because you perceive the world to be a very unsafe space and also because you have forgotten your source.

And that brings me to ‘FALL IN LOVE WITH THE DIVINE’

All your needs are met in your deliberate connection with the Divine

The Divine completes you

When you go trying to please people, you are ultimately seeking to find yourself again in them and in the external things you think will make you feel whole and complete again.  Because you KNOW something is missing but you think it is something they can give you.

They can’t.

You are one with the Divine.

It is your very nature

As Jesus said “I and my Father are one’  And he was literally killed because he considered himself equal with God but he was one of our examples.  He was trying to show us who we are – ONE WITH GOD.

Do you get that?


But you forgot and so, this expression of the Divine that you are aware of (your physical form), feels incomplete when out of connection and it goes searching for its wholeness in other people and in things but there is no completion, peace or true prosperity to be found out there.  There is only pain because you seek to get what can never be given by anything outside of you.

Return home.

Return to your true self.

Love yourself enough to return to yourself

Fall in love with YOU

Fall in love with the Divine

Contemplate it

Work it out for you

This is the key to your happiness and your ability to make the difference you want to make on this planet and to live prosperously, having an awesome life adventure.

Love Yourself

Love God

Handle any wounds you may have when it comes to the Divine – Religion has its great points but it also has its flaws – do not allow its flaws to keep you from living a prosperous and peaceful and purposeful life.  You are the one with all the choices here so do not allow a sad portrayal of the divine keep you from the true Divine

Get deliberate about your healing.

Get deliberate about your life, my love.

Love yourself

Love The Divine

the answers you look for are in these 2 simple actions.

Yes, I get that there will be lots of other things to do to play it out but at the base of it all is

Fall in love with the Divine

Fall in love with yourself.

Please remember
1. Your vision is your permission.
2. You are capable of your calling.
3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
4. Yes you can get everything you want.
5. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.
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Much Amazing Love

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